“Eric Lewis is The Worst NBA Referee!”: NBA Twitter Lambasts Officials For Missing Crucial LeBron James Foul in Lakers’ OT Loss to Celtics

Amulya Shekhar
|Published January 29, 2023

The Lakers suffered yet another referee-induced defeat after a clear foul by Jayson Tatum on LeBron James in the closing seconds of regulation was not called.

Lakers Nation started the game off in good stead. They walked into their locker rooms clutching a 6-point halftime lead. That lead went up to 10 points at various points during the 3rd and 4th quarters as well.

However, the Celtics rallied behind the efforts of Jaylen Brown and Malcolm Brogdon down the stretch. Both of them had important buckets to bring the Celtics abreast of LeBron James and co.

James could still have won the game for the LakeShow, but he, unfortunately, was on the receiving end of a terrible whistle.

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Patrick Beverley could not believe his eyes when he saw how referee Eric Lewis had missed the call.

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Even Jayson Tatum was evasive when asked about the incident in the post-game presser.

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NBA Twitter roasts Eric Lewis for missing an obvious foul call on LeBron James

The refereeing crew for the Celtics-Lakers game tonight is getting completely roasted on Twitter for their incompetence. Eric Lewis, who’s been on the panel for 18 years so far, caught the major brunt of it.

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A rough day in the office for Lewis, judging by most accounts. Lakers fans make up the largest faction of NBA viewers other than perhaps the Warriors. And they have come out to put this man on full blast.

Can the Lakers make the playoffs?

With Anthony Davis back on the court and seemingly able to perform at a high level, the Lakers have received a direly necessary shot in the arm. Lonnie Walker also reentered action tonight.

If Austin Reaves is back quickly, the Lakers will have a full complement of players for the first time in a while. LeBron has been playing in beast mode since his birthday and will likely dial it up to 1000.

The Lakers still have an admirably sizeable chance of making the play-in tournament, even if they don’t get a playoff berth outright. And betting against James in single-game eliminations is not exactly a wise strategy.

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