“Every 10 seconds, someone who can’t guard me comes into the world”: Former Laker, Michael Beasley, pleads his case for making an NBA roster

Samir Mehdi
|Published 09/12/2021

Michael Beasley takes to Twitter to go on a rant about how nobody in the world can guard him while indulging in a few miscalculations. 

Michael Beasley was touted as one of the most complete prospects going into the 2008 Draft and it showed as he was drafted 2nd overall, ahead of guys like Russell Westbrook and Kevin Love. Beas didn’t exactly burst onto the scene the way a young Kevin Durant had the year prior but put up solid averages, scoring 13.9 points on 47.2% from the field. 

His best year in the league would come when with the Minnesota Timberwolves in merely his first season away from the Miami Heat. He averaged nearly 20 points per game while shooting a subpar 44% from the field.

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His averages and overall production as an NBA player dipped following this ‘11 season as he failed to adapt to the changing NBA landscape. He never averaged over 2.2 3PA a game in his career and played as though he was the lone offensive superstar on the team. 

This led to Michael Beasley eventually not being picked up by any team as his last NBA game was played in Feb of 2019 with the Los Angeles Lakers. 

Michael Beasley on Twitter. 

Michael Beasley echoes the same sentiment as guys like Isaiah Thomas on Twitter, as he continually puts out there that he deserves to be on an NBA roster. He was part of the Portland Trailblazers Summer Camp squad but was not called up to the big leagues. He last played professional basketball for a Puerto Rican league. 

Despite not being able to successfully find his way back on an NBA roster, Beas has taken to social media multiple times to say that nobody in the world could check him on the basketball floor.

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He also botched a calculation where he tried to say the entirety of the world population could not guard him but inadvertently suggested that over 200 million could guard him.

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