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FACT CHECK: Did Kemba Walker Score 92 Points for AS Monaco?

Shubham Singh

FACT CHECK: Did Kemba Walker Score 92 Points for AS Monaco?

Claim: Kemba Walker dropped 92 points in a game for AS Monaco

A post went viral on X recently claiming that former NBA Guard Kemba Walker put up 92 points in a single game during his stint in the French LNB Pro A and EuroLeague. A user posted a graphic indicating that Walker had 92 points and 6 assists during a single game. The same graphic also suggested that the 33-year-old made an impressive 14 three-pointers. Considering the volume of points, many fans on X went wild and thought that Walker put on a rare show and was dominating the European basketball scene. However, is this piece of information true?

Fact: Kemba Walker didn’t drop 92 points in a single game

There is no proof that Kemba Walker pulled off such an incredible performance. Currently, Walker is a guard for AS Monaco, which plays in the French LNB Pro A and also the EuroLeague. Looking at his game logs for Monaco, Walker’s season-high is just 13 points and in 19 total games, he has made it to double-digits only once. In fact, even his total for 19 games is 85 points, 7 short of what the graphic claimed. There is no doubt that Walker hasn’t scored 92 points in just one game.

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Reason for Hoax: An X User posted a misleading graphic and caption

The hoax stemmed from the X account by the name of Hoops. The account is widely followed by more than 600k X users. The Original poster captioned the post, “Kemba went for 92 and 6 on boys!!!”, followed by three exploding head emojis. The post also read, “The Homie overseas hoopin like Wilt!!!”, followed by three tears while laughing emojis. Below the caption is a photo with the logo of Bleacher Report on a red background, along side the stats 92 points, 6 assists, and 14 3 PM. In the background of the picture is Kemba Walker in an AS Monaco jersey in action.

Perhaps, the intention behind this misleading graphic and caption was to farm engagement. Considering the account’s huge following, such eye-popping numbers are bound to gain traction. Apart from that, considering Walker was a 4x NBA All-Star, many people believed that he was dominating the European hooping scene. 

A commenter under the post did buy the notion that Walker dropped the Wilt-esque numbers. Owing to his incredible NBA resume and Walker’s contracts that ran over $100 million, the X user wrote, “He didn’t make 100 m’s in his nba career for no reason. Let alone hit the game winner for the natty in college.” Another user wrote, “MVP, MVP, MVP.” While various comments were displaying astonishment at the fabricated feat, other commenters seem to have caught the lie. One of them wrote, “Y’all gotta stop posting dese fake stats people Believing it” followed by tears while laughing emoji.

Therefore, it is crystal clear that Kemba Walker didn’t drop 92 points during a single game. In fact, he is currently battling with an injury and has lodged multiple DNPs. He is yet to go past the 13-point mark in the season as an AS Monaco Guard. 

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