For $90 in 1987, You Could See Michael Jordan, Get Air Jordan 2s, and Attend a Clinic From His Airness

Nithin Joseph
|Published January 15, 2023

In the 1980s, Michael Jordan and Nike inked a deal that would go down in history. A deal that would make both parties involved a ton of money.

As such, the Air Jordan brand was formed. A brand that is the perfect combination of sports and street fashion.

Today, a pair of Jordans cost upwards of $100. But, back in the day, specifically in 1987, fans could buy a pair of Jordans, meet him, and attend his basketball clinic for $90. Sounds a little outrageous right?

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Fans could see Michael Jordan, buy a pair of his shoes, and attend his basketball clinic for just $90!

In this day and age, fans around the world have to save exorbitant amounts of cash to buy sneakers. Especially if the sneakers are Air Jordans.

Most shoes cause upwards of $100. But, back in 1987 you could buy a pair of Jordans, attend Michael Jordan’s clinic, and see him in action for just $90. A true “value for money” offer from His Airness.

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Sneakerheads around the world would have been in disbelief at such prices. It’s not every day you get to buy Jordans at such a low price.

Not to forget, fans got the bonus of watching the GOAT in action. And even learn from him at his clinic. An opportunity that fans around the world would have paid thousands if not tens of thousands to be a part of. The 1980s were a lucky time.

MJ electrified audiences for 14 seasons in the NBA

Michael Jordan is considered by many to be the greatest player the NBA has ever seen. Having been drafted in 1984, those who were lucky got to watch His Airness dominate the league for 14 seasons. All while averaging close to 30 points, six rebounds, and five assists per game en route to six NBA Championships.

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And when he was just coming out of his cocoon in the 1980s, you could see him, play with him, and even wear his shoes for just $90, sounds like a bargain now. He entertained audiences and now, he has cemented himself as the greatest.

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