“Game 5 would be Kevin Durant’s signature game of all time”: Bill Simmons speaks up about how the Nets star can rewrite his legacy with win vs Bucks

Tonoy Sengupta
|Published 16/06/2021

NBA Insider Bill Simmons outlines what Nets star Kevin Durant has to do, to be anointed as the best player in the NBA right now. 

Sometimes, it’s like Kevin Durant just isn’t human.

Going into game-5 of their series against the Bucks, things weren’t exactly looking fine and dandy for the Nets. Kyrie Irving suffered a gruesome ankle injury in a game-4 loss. And while James Harden was said to return at the time, he was clearly not going to be himself during this game.

Suffice to say, Brooklyn fans were praying to every god they knew for a miracle. What they got instead, was the deadliest form of the Slim Reaper, who was, fortunately, on their side.

17 rebounds, and 10 assists, to go along with a magnificent 49-point explosion at the Barclays Center, and suddenly the Nets’ opposition has their backs against the wall.

Since this stunning performance, many in the NBA community have started to wonder if KD has finally become the best player in the league. And after hearing all this buzz, NBA insider and analyst Bill Simmons just had to comment on the matter.

Let’s get into it.

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Bill Simmons announces the steep hurdle Kevin Durant needs to cross, to be considered the best player on the planet right now 

Kevin Durant has arguably been the second-best player in the NBA for a long time now. Until now LeBron James has almost arrogantly stood ahead of him in that line. But, this reign of supremacy is bound to end at some point right?

The Lakers star is 36-years-old and is finally starting to show signs of wear and tear. It may be a bit saddening to hear, but the player just isn’t the dominant force he used to be. And as we all know, when the King is unable to rule, it is time for another to take the crown.

The Slim Reaper has waited patiently for his turn, and it seems, it may finally be here.

Recently, on the ‘The Ringer’, Bill Simmons announced to the world just what the player had to do, to finally be able to sit on the throne. Or in non-metaphorical terms, be considered the best in the NBA right now.

“If the Nets win this series with the Big three of KD, Blake and Jeff Green… this puts Game 5 as the signature game. Basically, a ribbon on Durant’s career as truly the best player in the game right now.”

While we do love Bill Simmons’s enthusiasm here, frankly we disagree with him a tad bit. Neither player mentioned in the quote is really fit to be a second option on a championship team. Until now, the popular opinion has been if the player can win it all with just James Harden.

At the end of the day, this is a subjective matter, and any opinion will be met with criticism. But one thing is clear now. No matter how long it takes, Kevin Durant will be considered the best in the NBA.

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