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‘Grown men should control themselves’: Jaylen Brown calls out Nick Nurse and Raptors for post-game tussle

Amulya Shekhar

Jaylen Brown and Nick Nurse

After beating the Celtics 125-122 in a hard-fought double OT game, the Raptors engaged with their opponents on the way to their locker room.

While there is little known about the incident specifically, it has been reported on good authority that many members of the Raptors organization clashed with the Celtics after Game 6. To what extent the frayed tempers went is unknown as yet, but it seems there were some heated words at the very least between the two factions.

Jaylen Brown addresses post-game tussle in press conference

Jaylen Brown didn’t make too much of the incident during the presser, but he also made it a point to acknowledge that it did happen. The Celtics held the upper hand for much of the overtime periods, but lost the game due to bad turnovers.

These turnovers affected them in regulation as well.

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Brown attributed the bad blood between the two teams to testosterone and tiredness. The fact that the game was so close and there were so many emotions involved definitely made their reactions understandable in his eyes.

But he still warned the coaching staff of the ‘respectable Raptors’ to keep their emotions under control and under the wraps.

The rivalry between these two franchises is on exhibition for the first time in these playoffs. They had never met each other in the postseason before this year.

The separation in quality between the two teams isn’t much, and the series has boiled down to a couple of hits and a couple of misses from both ends rather than one team dominating proceedings.

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