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“Have the Utmost Respect for Savannah”: When Influencer YesJulz Publicly Denied Having an Affair with LeBron James

Prateek Singh

"Have the Utmost Respect For Savannah": When Influencer YesJulz Publicly Denied Having an Affair With LeBron James

LeBron James has maintained a squeaky-clean reputation in the media despite being in the limelight since he was a teenager. However, about a decade ago, rumors started circulating that LBJ was having an affair. For many people, it was difficult to believe. After all, LeBron and Savannah were high school sweethearts. Despite the rumors getting louder by the day, the Lakers superstar didn’t feel the need to engage with the baseless allegations. However, the woman he was accused of having an affair with, YesJulz, real name Julieanna Goddard, came out to clear the air on it.

YesJulz is a talent manager and a media personality. Currently, she is best known for working with Kanye West during the recording and release of his latest album with Ty Dolla Sign titled, Vultures 1. However, before that, she was a well-known personality from Miami who was, in her own words, known for throwing some amazing parties for celebrities which also included several NBA players.

The rumor about YesJulz and LeBron first started to spread out in 2014. Last year, she finally broke her silence over it. She said, “I have never in my entire life been alone with LeBron James. Period. There is nothing that ever went on there. Clearly, we were friends, I was working in Miami I was one of the most popping party promoters and throwers in Miami.” She said that she was the go-to person for celebrities when they wanted to either throw parties or attend one.

After defining the extent of their relationship, YesJulz said that she was close with one of LeBron’s NBA buddies. However, nothing ever happened between her and the four-time NBA Champion. The 34-year-old then stated that she respects Savannah, who has been married to LeBron since 2013. She also said it’s disrespectful that people start running these rumors out of nowhere. She said, “I have the utmost respect for Savannah. Love her. I think she’s amazing.”

Even after these rumors spread like wildfire, LBJ showed his support for YesJulz on Twitter (now X).

LeBron James rooted for YesJulz in #Snapchatter award

Even though LeBron never publicly denied the allegations, he kept his composure to ensure that his friendship with YesJulz didn’t get ruined because of it. In 2015, LBJ supported her during the #Snapchatter award by tweeting, “I nominate my girl @YesJulz
for a shorty award in #Snapchatter because she’s #Awesome #Dope #FullofEnergy #MyLilSis #JulzaMania. Let’s go!!!”

He addressed her as “sis” on multiple occasions, including the time when he wished her a happy birthday on March 2nd, 2015. LeBron tweeted, “Happy bday to my hard-working sis @YesJulz!!! Wish I was with u tonight to celebrate it with you. Enjoy and have fun like u always do!” LeBron’s decision to not address the allegations turned out to be the right choice because with time people realized that there was no truth in them.

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