“Hey, LeBron James! Don’t worry about that game too much, Liverpool in 7!!”: Fans roast Lakers superstar after Real Madrid won UEFA Champions league

Akash Murty
|Published May 29, 2022

LeBron James was in the stands as the world watched Liverpool take on the La Liga champions, Real Madrid, for the UEFA Champions League.

LeBron James recently had a rare bad season in the NBA. He tried an experiment of playing with Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, and many older role players.

He had a lot of faith in that team to work out and probably win the ultimate silverware at the end of the season.

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But that team wouldn’t even qualify for the Playoffs, making it his first Playoffs miss in 16 years in which he played enough games in a season.

James has had enough spare time since the playoffs started without his Lakers. So, he wanted to see one of his other teams win the ultimate glory, be it in another sport, on some other continent.

On the basketball court or off it, LeBron James couldn’t have had more disappointing nights in his career than this one

Liverpool was making their Champions League appearance on Saturday night, a year after they won the title in 2020. They probably had the biggest (both height-wise and stature as an athlete) fan in attendance.

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The 4x NBA champ also has a stake in the parent company of the football club from the English Premier League. And so, he must have wanted his team to be crowned champions of Europe for the first time in his presence.

But as Football Gods would have it, Real Madrid would win their 14th CL title at Stade de France in Paris, which would also be their 5th one in 9 years with a 1-0 scoreline.

And NBA Twitter as well as football one roasted King to rub salt on his misery.

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