“I always had a hard time sleeping, I couldn’t figure out how to shut my brain off”: Kobe Bryant advises people to take 30 extra minutes of night-time sleep

Mahendra Pratap Singh
|Published 01/11/2021

Kobe Bryant advises everyone to sleep 30 mins extra every night, noting how he himself benefited by changing this simple habit.

Kobe Bryant was a  role model to many when it comes to competitive drive and work ethic. There is a reason why its called “mamba mentality”. But There was a time when pushing to limits wasn’t paying off.

Kobe Bryant talks about his struggle with his sleep saying:

“I always had a hard time sleeping. I couldn’t figure out how to shut my brain off”. But when he started playing “like crap”, he realized sometime isn’t right.

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Kobe said “I couldn’t execute them [moves] properly. I was feeling sluggish. I was feeling lethargic.” That’s when he realized that the problem may lie in him sleeping 2-3 hours a night

Out of that experience, Kobe advices to take 30 mins additional sleep and take it up as a challenge.

“I meditate everyday for about 10 to 15 minutes”: Kobe Bryant

Kobe advised meditating in the mornings at least for 5 minutes. Kobe Bryant said “I meditate everyday and I  do it in the mornings for about 10 to 15 minutes.”

Mediation helped Kobe to set up for the rest of the day. Without it He felt like “constantly chasing the day” rather than “being able to control and dictate the day.”

Kobe mentioned how Phil Jackson introduced meditation in the team culture when he become Laker’s Head coach in 2000. Phil was serious on meditation and mindfulness.

Kobe Mentioned “so when we sit in our film room, he turned the lights out and we would meditate as a group. And he would teach us mindfulness.”

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