“I said ‘F*ck you’ back to the dude who told LeBron James ‘F*ck you’”: When Udonis Haslem played bodyguard as a spectator heckled the then-Heat star

Advait Jajodia
|Published November 01, 2021

Udonis Haslem revealed that he once played bodyguard to LeBron James as a spectator heckled “F*ck you” to the then-Heat superstar.

Udonis Haslem has been a part of the Miami Heat squad since he was a 23-year-old kid. At the age of 41, and 19 seasons later Haslem was an integral, not to mention loyal, member of the franchise who played a huge role in helping the organization win 3 championships during that stint.

UD has never really been a gifted player. However, it is his toughness, energy and mentorship that he brings to the table. And from a very young age, Haslem became known for having his teammates’ backs, during the thick and the thin, whether on the court or off.

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During the course of his stint with Miami, the 6-foot-8 forward has played alongside some of the best NBA talents ever – Dwyane Wade, Shaquille O’Neal, LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Jimmy Butler and many more. King James is one of the many teammates that UD has played bodyguard to.

Udonis Haslem revealed how he shouted “F*ck you” to a spectator heckling LeBron James

Recently, Udonis Haslem sat down for an interview with “GQ” and spoke about the culture of Miami. Apart from talking about a wide-ranging of topics, UD also spoke about the one time he played bodyguard to LeBron James.

“We were all walking from grabbing something to eat one day, and some dude shouted, “Hey LeBron,” and Bron looked over, and soon as he did the dude said “f*ck you!” to Bron. Dude said that to Bron outta nowhere! So, now I’m walking. And in my mind, I’m saying to myself, “I’ll never let that happen again here.” And then I understood what he goes through because if someone randomly does that to me going down the street I don’t know what’ll happen. If this the s*it he gotta deal with, I’ma have his back. I said, “F*ck you!” back to the dude. Bron ain’t say nothing.”

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This is exactly why Haslem is considered a great teammate. And even in his 19th NBA season, Udonis still has that same enthusiasm to help his team lift the Larry O’Brien trophy. While the 3-time Champ won’t see a lot of playing time, he surely will have a huge impact on the team, being one of the most experienced veterans.

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