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“I Became Right-Handed Seeing Michael Jordan”: LeBron James Cannot Fathom Being Left-Handed But Playing Basketball With His Right

Achyuth Jayagopal

"I Became Right-Handed Seeing Michael Jordan": LeBron James Cannot Fathom Being Left-Handed But Playing Basketball With His Right

LeBron James and Michael Jordan have been two names that have been constantly interlinked over time. While most of the context indicates their competition being the topic of discourse, one forgets the influence MJ had on a young LeBron.

Jordan’s iconic #23 proved to be the inspiration for King James to opt for #23 himself. And later, the Lakers star even changed his number out of respect for His Airness and the comparisons they’ve faced.

Recent revelations suggest that the jersey number wasn’t the only thing James sought to emulate from Michael Jordan. According to James himself, despite being a left-hander generally, it was Michael Jordan’s influence amongst other things, that factored in his conversion to a right-hander when he plays basketball.

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LeBron James named Michael Jordan and Penny Hardaway as the reason he played basketball with his left hand.

To people who weren’t aware that LeBron James was naturally left-handed, this would have come as quite a surprise. After all, to not prefer your dominant hand and still be the NBA’s all-time top scorer is quite something.

LeBron even revealed how playing right-handed occurred naturally to him. There wasn’t a concerted effort to become a righty from the 4-time NBA champion.

“I have no idea how I became a right-handed basketball player. I think maybe it was because of Michael Jordan, Penny Hardaway… Seeing those guys shoot righty, [I thought], ‘I guess I’ll shoot righty.’ I’m pretty much a left-handed guy” said King James about his dexterity.

Michael Jordan is James’ self-declared idol, and Penny Hardaway was a common player comparison for LeBron. It comes as no surprise that the Lakers superstar aimed to emulate these two stars in particular.

While James has admitted his adulation for Jordan, there is no denying his wish to overcome his idol.

Michael Jordan was described as the ghost he is chasing, by LeBron James.

Clearly, James wasn’t done with just emulating Jordan’s righty moves and being called “The Chosen One”. The former Cavaliers and Heat star admitted to chasing “The Ghost” who played in Chicago and his greatness throughout his career.

After becoming the all-time top scorer in NBA history, however, James seems to believe he has outdone his idol. James’ statement anointing himself the “Best Basketball Player That Ever Played the Game” might just be indicative of there not being a “ghost” to chase anymore.

LeBron James and Michael Jordan shall continue to be linked as long as basketball is played on earth. The common factors and the story of the youngster who strove to be like his idol and became an equal certainly deserve to be passed on to the upcoming generation of basketball fans too.

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