‘I didn’t pick Nets Head Coach’: Kevin Durant supports Kyrie Irving with controversial Steve Nash comment

Amulya Shekhar
|Published 04/10/2020

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving seem determined to stay in the news for all the wrong reasons. Durant’s latest comments have done nothing to dispel this notion.

Earlier this week, while talking to Kyrie on his podcast, Kevin Durant happened to agree with Kyrie that the Nets didn’t really ‘have a head coach’.

Kyrie went on to say that in many situations, he could be the head coach, and so could Durant. Durant went on to say Jacques Vaughn (the Nets’ interim head coach) could be a head coach some day.

Kevin Durant supports Kyrie Irving’s head coach statement

The backlash the duo received for their comments does not seem to have affected Durant’s outlook at all. The 10-time All Star refused to backtrack on his comments, while maintaining that the had less to do with Nash’s appointment than people were making it to be.

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“First of all, I didn’t pick the Nets coach,” Durant said Saturday on the Joe Budden podcast.

“We’ve got people in place that do that. I just supported it: Me and Kyrie (Irving). We’re always on the same page. He’s just a hooper. It doesn’t matter.” he added.

KD doesn’t show ‘full support’ for Steve Nash

Instead of throwing his weight behind Steve Nash, who has a very good relationship with Durant since his Warriors tenure, KD has only fed the trolls with his comments.

People on Twitter will now get on his back for not backing his new head coach or apologizing for thinking he could do the same job.

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Kevin Durant is currently in Los Angeles and is practicing with several of his teammates for the next NBA season. It seems possible that they can make a deep playoff run, but being united under Steve Nash would be key to that.

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