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“I Feel Like Kevin Durant”: Jayson Tatum Calls Out Fraudulent Quotes About Himself

Samir Mehdi

"I Feel Like Kevin Durant": Jayson Tatum Calls Out Fraudulent Quotes About Himself

The Boston Celtics picked up a quality win against the Milwaukee Bucks on Christmas Day as Jayson Tatum went off for 41 points while Jaylen Brown pitched in with 29 of his own. The Bucks prior to the start of the 2022-23 NBA season were looked at as considerable favorites but given just how dominant the Celts have been offensively, they most certainly have competition out East. 

Tatum has been playing at an MVP level all season long and despite the Celts’ recent struggles, he’s still very much in the conversation with the likes of Nikola Jokic, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Kevin Durant. Of course, with such notoriety comes an immense amount of media coverage. 

So much so that a couple fake quotes or at least ones that were greatly exaggerated slip through the cracks and make it onto major sports media pages. This is exactly what happened to Tatum following the December 25th victory.

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Jayson Tatum takes it upon himself to call out fraudulent quotes 

Following the win over the Bucks, Jayson Tatum opened up his media availability as usual. However, the peculiar thing about this particular post-game presser was that he was completely misquoted on a certain answer of his. 

The fake quote read out, “It’s me vs me out there and the opponent doesn’t really matter. When I get into that rhythm and that flow, I don’t think [there’s] anything anybody can do.” This was supposedly reported by a well reputed reporter by ‘The Athletic’ and put on ‘The Score’. 

Tatum immediately called them out and said, “They making quotes about me…..I feel like KD.” Kevin Durant has a long-lasting feud with the media both during his Golden State Warriors era and now with the Brooklyn Nets.

Jayson Tatum and Kevin Durant have a short history in the Playoffs 

Ever since Kevin Durant made his way to the Brooklyn Nets, he’s played in the Playoffs twice. Both times he’s faced off against the Boston Celtics. The 2021 first round series between the Nets and the Celtics saw the Celts get swept by the 3-headed monster that was Kyrie, KD, and Harden. 

The following year in 2022, the script was flipped and it was the Nets who got humiliated by the Celtics, having gotten swept and kicked out of the postseason in the first round.

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