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“I Only Talk Trash to my Friends”: Billionaire Michael Jordan Once Listed the Players he Dissed During NBA Career

Arjun Julka

"I Only Talk Trash to my Friends": Billionaire Michael Jordan Once Listed the Players he Dissed During NBA Career

There is no questioning Michael Jordan’s brilliance on the hardwood. However, another facet where he excelled was his ability to talk trash to his opponents. Whether it be a rookie or veteran, the six-time champion played mind games with all, trying to throw them off their games.

Over the years, we’ve heard MJ’s opponents, peers, and teammates sharing stories of their respective trash-talking instances with the Hall of Famer. Given his aura, the Bulls legend didn’t necessarily have to talk smack, as his mere presence was enough to intimidate.

Surprisingly, when asked MJ about this, the six-time Finals MVP seemed rather diplomatic. While His Airness didn’t deny indulging in trash-talking, he specified that there was only a handful in the league, who he went back and forth with on the court.

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In an old clip below, Jordan dishes out the list of players he talked smack to, adding how he let his game do the talking for those he didn’t know.

Michael Jordan lists opponents he trash-talked during his NBA career.

Air Jordan talking trash is something we’ve heard time and again from many. Nonetheless, when asked the legend about this skill of his, he chose to tread the diplomacy path, saying the following.

“I only talk trash to people I knew were my friends,” said the ten-time scoring champion.

“Patrick Ewing, Bird, Magic, those type of guys but I never talked trash to people I didn’t know or people I was just meeting. And if they did, my game always did the talking, I never say anything.”

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Having heard first-hand stories of the biggest names in the game revealing instances involving Jordan talking smack to them, it’s hard to believe the Bulls MVP’s above claims. In the past, we’ve heard the likes of Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, and Shaquille O’Neal narrate their welcome to the NBA moment, involving His Airness.

A once-in-a-lifetime attraction: Michael Jordan.

The first NBA player to achieve billionaire status, Air Jordan changed the landscape of basketball forever. The 6ft 6″ guard captured the imagination of millions, making him America’s darling, with everyone wanting to catch a glimpse of Black Jesus, who was on every billboard and TVC soon.

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Stories of Jordan talking smack never get old. Nevertheless, he could back it up, which made life for his opponents even tougher.

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