“I Want a Tattoo of My Family On My A**!”: Charles Barkley, Who Won’t Leave His $50 Million For His Family, Has An Unusual Wish

Tonoy Sengupta
|Published 18/11/2022

Shaquille may get a lot of the limelight on Inside the NBA, but Charles Barkley is easily just as funny as the 4-time NBA champ. And on some occasions, he absolutely leaves the Lakers legend in the dust.

Now, a large part of the reason Charles Barkley is as funny as he is, is that he just doesn’t care. He will say things that he absolutely means with no filter, on live, national television. And for some reason, fans just can’t stop laughing.

Fortunately, that part of him also translated beautifully into Inside the NBA’s podcast, which he and Ernie Johnson host. And recently, the Chuckster revealed something unspeakably hilarious to the fans of the world.

Let’s dive into it, shall we?

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Charles Barkley says he wants to get a tattoo of his family on his behind to honor them

That doesn’t sound very good, does it?

Well, before we divulge any details regarding the matter, we’d like for you to take a look at the clip in question.


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His intentions are pure. We’ll give him that much.

But past that?

Now, of course, he’s joking around about getting the tattoo on his behind. However, we have a feeling the NBA community will start a petition for him to actually do it.

And admittedly, that is one we’d definitely be willing to sign.

Leaving this one aside though, this is hardly the first time he has mentioned his family. In fact, he once revealed that he will not be giving his family any of his wealth when he eventually passes.


Charles Barkley is worth $50 million but will give none of it to his family

Charles Barkley has something close to generation wealth at the moment, as he is worth $50 million. That, quite frankly, is very impressive.

If the man plays his cards right, he could absolutely be the reason the next generation of his family has easy lives.

However, it appears that the man has no intention to do so.

That quote is absolutely hilarious.

That is classic Charles Barkley.

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