Cover Image for “I was f*#&!ng panicking right before the game.”: Austin Rivers recalls his first ever playoff game

“I was f*#&!ng panicking right before the game.”: Austin Rivers recalls his first ever playoff game

Jeet Pukhrambam
|Fri Apr 15 2022

Austin Rivers’ career as a journeyman is well known in the league. His stories come with intrigue, his first playoff game in particular.

While his father Doc Rivers might be revered more, Austin Rivers has had himself quite the NBA career. The journeyman has been a part of multiple post-season trips.

His first one, however, was overwhelming to him. As it is naturally, for everyone. Before we take a look at that interview, it is important to remember that Austin Rivers has since had his moments in the league.


Fans recall fondly that his first two trips to the postseason were nothing short of stellar. On Reddit, fans were cheering about his iconic game 6 against Houston, where he played with one eye shut.

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Austin Rivers was f*#&!ng panicking in his first playoff game!

In an interview, he was asked how he felt when he played his first playoff minutes. He spoke about the jitters that he felt and how he had an assignment to guard Manu Ginobili of all people.

While that matchup is well behind him, Rivers is focused on his upcoming encounter against the Golden State Warriors. The Nuggets travel to San Francisco to face off Steph Curry and co.

They face off on Saturday Night and the Nuggets will hope that the Austin Rivers will be on fine form.

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