“If I got courtside seats I’m going to see Kyrie Irving”: Damian Lillard believes Uncle Drew has the most beautiful game in the history of the NBA

Arjun Julka
|Published 30/03/2022

Blazers superstar Damian Lillard confesses to being in awe of Kyrie Irving’s game, terming it beautiful.

It’s been a rough season for Damian Lillard as he continues to recover from his abdominal injury. The former ROTY played a mere 29-games this season and will not return until the next NBA calendar year. During this time, the Trail Blazers made massive changes to their roster.

The Portland team is more or less done for this season, hoping for Lillard to return and mesh with the young core. Currently rehabbing from his injury, Dame Time has been doing interviews and podcasts addressing various subjects surrounding the league.

Most recently seen on the Club Shay Shay podcast with Shannon Sharpe, Lillard spoke about Kyrie Irving being his favorite player to watch. The six-time All-Star admitted to loving Irving’s game, applauding the Nets guard’s one-of-a-kind skill set.

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Lillard seconds Shannon Sharpe on Irving being the best player to finish at the rim.

Damian Lillard crowns Kyrie Irving’s game as the most beautiful.

When we talk about the most skilled guards in the NBA, Irving’s name sits right at the top. The former champion is known to break his opponent’s ankles with his razzle and dazzle on the hardwood. Though he may not be your ideal role model, Irving is one of the most skilled players to play the game.

His recent career-high 60-points is the best example of this. Irving recorded the 3rd highest TS% in the history of the league. At the time, Irving had missed more than half the season and was only permitted to play road games.

Uncle Drew’s game even had Lillard gushing over it, calling it beautiful. When asked if he had courtside seats, which player would he like to see, Dame-Time said the following.

“I got courtside seats. I’m going to see Kyrie Irving. I love the way Kyrie’s game looks. It’s not just his handles, but how he moves and plays the game. He’s got the most beautiful game ever”

Lillard praising Irving speaks volumes of his competitive spirit as Dame Time himself is one of the best ball handlers in the league.

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Love him or hate him, you cannot deny Irving’s basketball prowess on the hardwood.


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