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“If I Was Healthy…”: Klay Thompson Reveals How 2019 Free Agency Might’ve Differed Without ACL Tear

Shubham Singh

“If I Was Healthy…”: Klay Thompson Reveals How 2019 Free Agency Might’ve Differed Without ACL Tear

In his recent appearance on ‘The Draymond Green Show’, Klay Thompson poured his heart out. The sharpshooting guard is having a difficult season shooting-wise, however, he has been through worse. While talking to his one-decade-plus teammate, he turned the clock back to the 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons when he didn’t play in a single game. During the 2019 Finals, Thompson suffered an ACL tear during Game 6.

The guard wondered what if he wasn’t injured during the 2019 offseason. He speculated as Draymond Green asked if he “pursued the free agency differently”, if not for his ACL tear. The question brought a couple of big sighs out of the Warriors’ two-way guard.  The 4x champion did admit that looking at different squads “could have been a possibility” if he wasn’t injured.

However, he also argued that if he wasn’t injured during Game 6 of the 2019 Finals, his Warriors could have also potentially defeated the Raptors to complete a three-peat. Therefore, there is a high chance that Thompson would have stayed put. 

When I really think about it if I was healthy, I don’t think I would have tested it[free agency] that hard just because it’s hard to walk from a dynasty. That doesn’t happen too often,” KT told Green.

While relaying his unwavering allegiance to the franchise that drafted him in 2011, he also conveyed the difficulties as he went 941 days without playing an NBA game. After healing from the ACL tear, he broke a ligament which made him miss two straight seasons.

The Splash Bro recalled the frustration of being on a “crutch” and “away from basketball”. The “physical wear and tear” took a lot of mental toll on the elite shooter.

Klay Thompson had a turbulent couple of years

In Game 6 of the 2019 finals, the Warriors were up 83-80 against the Raptors with around 2 minutes remaining in the third quarter. After a steal, they were on a break as Thompson made a drive to the rim which was contested by Danny Green who fouled him.

Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

As a result, Thompson hit the floor and clutched his left knee straight away after an awkward landing. Later, it was revealed that he had a torn ACL, which caused him to miss all of the 2019-20 season.

He had recovered from his ACL tear but then something ominous took place on November 18, during the 2020 NBA Draft. During a team practice in Los Angeles, the shooting guard had injured his Right Achilles tendon. The injury was so serious that he had to be carried to his car.

After suffering two damaging injuries, the legendary sniper performed on January 10, 2022, against the Cavs and rolled in 17 points. The Warriors dynasty peaked as they lifted their fourth title in less than a decade to celebrate the comeback of their key piece to the puzzle. 

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