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“I’m Going to Call My Parents!”: Kevin Durant Surpasses Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan, Can’t Hide His Giddiness

Tonoy Sengupta

"I'm Going to Call My Parents!": Kevin Durant Surpasses Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan, Can't Hide His Giddiness

This season has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride already for the Nets fans everywhere. And the worst part is, we aren’t even halfway through the NBA regular season. Although, as far as rollercoasters go, neither fans nor Kevin Durant would consider this to be a bad one to be on.

To start out the season, there was no Kyrie Irving, and the Nets looked terrible. Then again, the controversial star comes back, but the team just doesn’t look very good together.

Or shall we use ‘didn’t’ instead?

Out of their last 10 games, the Nets have grabbed 9 wins. And of course, the team is on a 9-game winning streak right now.

Suffice it to say, Nets fans everywhere are probably dancing every night away.

But, as if there wasn’t enough good news already, Kevin Durant decided to add more to the heap. And the news he made, even he admitted to considering pretty darn special.

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Kevin Durant has surpassed Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan in two different categories

To be a bit more specific, here is a tweet from StatMuse detailing exactly what Kevin Durant accomplished during his 32-point night against the 4th-seeded Cavaliers.

To put this into context here, Tim Duncan scored 26,496 points during his career to stand at the 15th spot in the All-time scoring rankings. That is the crown Kevin Durant stole from him after his most recent game.

As for the other part of his historic night, Kevin Durant surpassed Kobe Bryant’s career 3-pointers made, which were 1,827.

So, make no mistake.

This right here was a night most in the NBA can only dream of.

How will Kevin Durant celebrate tonight?

After the game against the Cavaliers, Kevin Durant sat down with the media for his post-game press conference. And when asked about his thoughts on a historic night, he had a rather heart-warming response to share.

Congratulations, Kevin Durant!

We hope we keep getting to see your greatness for a long time to come.

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