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Isiah Thomas Shows Love To Jayson Tatum And His Mother Reflecting On The Celtics’ 2024 Title

Sourav Bose

Isiah Thomas Shows Love To Jayson Tatum And His Mother Reflecting On The Celtics' 2024 Title

Jayson Tatum recently fulfilled his lifelong dream after leading the Boston Celtics to their 18th championship win. Witnessing her son’s success made the 26-year-old’s mother Brandy Cole deeply emotional, catching the eyes of several NBA followers. Isiah Thomas was one of the prominent names on this list, prompting him to admire the bond within Tatum’s family.

Shortly after the Celtics’ triumph, a video containing a series of interactions between the Celtics star and Brandy warmed Thomas’ heart. It led to the Detroit Pistons legend resharing the post on X (formerly Twitter) with two heart emojis to showcase his love for the mother-son relationship.

NBA’s official social media handle uploaded the original video to relive Tatum’s path to glory. It started with Tatum sharing an inspirational message for his younger self and Brandy. “One day, it’s all gonna be worth it,” the 2024 champion stated upon briefly reflecting on his journey.

Soon, the spotlight shifted to Brandy’s words ahead of the Celtics’ triumphant moment. On this occasion, the 45-year-old had outlined how big an achievement winning the title would be for Tatum, especially considering his hardships since childhood.

Cut to the moment the franchise secured the title, Brandy extended on this further. Indirectly calling out the doubters, she announced, “What are they gonna say now?”. Soon, the mother and son broke down in tears while sharing a warm hug on the court. “I love you,” Tatum told Brandy, before the latter responded, “I love you too”.

These moments revealed a lesser-discussed aspect of the NBA. They humanized the stars and their stardom while highlighting the importance of empathy within the game.

As a result, Thomas’ touched reaction is incredibly easy to relate to. That said, the 2x champion also had another reason to admire Jayson Tatum.

Isiah Thomas is a fan of Jayson Tatum & Co.

Throughout the playoffs, Thomas was vocal about his support for the Celtics. He wholeheartedly backed their leaders, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, through the ups and downs of their campaign.

By the end, his support paid massive dividends as Tatum and Brown were key contributors to their franchise’s 18th NBA championship. The latter even secured the Finals MVP award, only adding to Thomas’ excitement. Consequently, he applauded their endeavors on X, mentioning,

“Big respect for Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown champions”.

This backing is set to remain intact during upcoming seasons. However, this time, it could put pressure on their shoulders to repeat as NBA champions. Can the duo now live up to these astronomical expectations from not just the Pistons legend, but also the NBA community?

Post Edited By:Tonoy Sengupta

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