‘It’s challenging for all of us’: LeBron James finally breaks his silence on a 4-game losing streak for the Los Angeles Lakers

Advait Jajodia
|Published February 26, 2021

LeBron James is emphatic about the Lakers’ season ahead, saying he doesn’t think this tough phase will define their campaign ultimately.

With All-Star Anthony Davis and Dennis Schroeder sidelined with injuries, the Lakers lost their fourth straight game. This was a blowout loss against the red-hot Utah Jazz.

With Utah having six players scoring in double-digits, they humiliated the defending champions 114-89. The last time the Lakers went through such a losing phase was back in December of 2019.

A disappointed LeBron James was asked his opinions on the team’s circumstances:

“It’s challenging for all of us, especially for some of our young guys. Some of our guys that haven’t been in this position before when they need to do a little bit more than what they’re axed in a normal situation.”

“Everyone’s just speaking about AD and obviously, that’s a big hit. But we also haven’t had Dennis as long as a stretch for a few games too. He’s a big piece of our puzzle as well. Everyone has been put in positions that they wouldn’t be put in under normal circumstances.”

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‘This tough phase won’t define who we are’: LeBron James

With Anthony Davis missing his 10th straight game this season, the pressure continues to build upon LeBron. He had a disappointing outing against the Jazz with only 19 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists.

James had previously also stated how he would embrace the challenge of playing without AD. In the postgame presser, the 17-time All-Star also mentioned that this disappointing phase doesn’t define the Lakers. He added:

“It’s always about staying confident, continuing to give my teammates the courage and the confidence out there on the floor and to make plays. It’s a tough stretch for us. But this won’t define who will be for the rest of the season and then for the long haul, that’s for sure.”

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Despite a poor performance over the last couple of weeks, the Lakers are comfortably 3rd in the Western Conference. They have a 22-11 record, 4.5 Games behind league leaders Utah.

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