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‘It’s Michael Jordan, I have to go’: When Lakers’ Jared Dudley had to ditch his girlfriend to meet with the GOAT

Amulya Shekhar

'It's Michael Jordan, I have to go': When Lakers' Jared Dudley had to ditch his girlfriend to meet with the GOAT

Jared Dudley recounts the hysterical circumstances in which he left his girlfriend hanging to meet Michael Jordan.

One of the veterans who got their first championship ring with the Lakers 2 months back, Dudley has long held a reputation as a great locker room guy.

Dudley recently announced that he’d re-signed with the Lakers for another season using Jordan’s famous words – “I’m back” – on Twitter.

Dudley has built a personality as the quippy guy who everybody likes. He chirps on the court against his opponents, and off it with his teammates. The 35-year-old is great at pulling off the ‘fun uncle’ trope with his comments.

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When Jared Dudley ditched his girlfriend to meet Michael Jordan

Jared Dudley was drafted by the Charlotte Bobcats following a 4-year career with Boston College. The 22nd pick in the 2007 NBA Draft, Dudley was only a member of Charlotte during his rookie season.

He did, however end up meeting Michael Jordan, then a minority owner of the franchise, shortly after his exit interview. He talked about the circumstances in an interview this year during the league shutdown.

This happened when he was in Vegas with his girlfriend. He called MJ to hang out in Sin City, but for a while it seemed like it wasn’t fated to happen.

Eventually, he got a call from a Chicago number, straight from His Airness.

Dudley was with his then-girlfriend, now wife who had questions. However, he knew chances like these don’t come around often.

“Who was it?” she said.

“It was Jordan, I have to go.” Dudley replied.

Dudley will appear for the Lakers against the Clippers in their first preseason game on 11th December.

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