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‘It’s never on one play’: Danny Green fires back at Lakers fans for death threats after missing game-winning shot

Raahib Singh
|Sun Oct 11 2020

Danny Green finally breaks the silence about his missed shot in Game 5 of the NBA Finals vs Heat, accepting that he had more time to set himself up.

The Lakers missed a chance to end the season and win title #17 on Friday. The game was a very close one, with the final 3 minutes having 7 lead changes. In the final few possessions, the Heat had a 1 point lead, when LeBron drove to the basket, got 3 defenders on him, and he kicked out the ball to Danny Green.

Green was open, at the top of the key, with some 8 seconds on the game clock. Danny took a dribble and shot, hitting the front part of the rim. Markieff Morris got the rebound but ended up throwing it out of bounds.

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“It’s never on one play”: Danny Green

Danny Green has gotten quite some backlash online about his missed shot.

He says he would give anything to get that shot back, just like any player would. Green also mentions he doesn’t believe the entire match relied on that shot. He mentions every player knows a basketball match depends on more than one play, and he’s not really wrong there.

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“I hope they’re as passionate about voting”: Danny Green reacts to people giving him death threats

After his missed shot being the primary reason the Lakers’ championship dreams are extended by at least one game, Danny has been receiving quite some backlash.

There were also death threats made to him and his girlfriend. Green responded to all those by saying he just hopes the people are equally as passionate about voting as well.

Danny Green has been at the receiving end of hate quite a lot these playoffs. Danny hasn’t been his best in the bubble, and he’s talked about his struggles with his mental health.

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Unfortunately, the fans don’t quite care about all that and have been relentless towards him. There have been petitions online to not give Danny a ring if the Lakers win the championship. Danny says he’s conditioned to ignore all noise and hate about the missed shot, and only cares about the locker room talk.

Game 6 of the Finals airs tonight at 7.30 PM ET.

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