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“James Worthy and Magic Johnson used to run trains on cheerleaders during halftime”: Lakers legend gets mocked after trying to roast current generation of players

Akash Murty

“James Worthy and Magic Johnson used to run trains on cheerleaders during halftime": Lakers legend gets mocked after trying to roast current generation of players

James Worthy does it again, goes out of his way to call out current players’ lifestyle when he himself made all kinds of bad choices in his time much like most players of his generation.

Whatever might be the sport, until the end of time there will always be comparisons between players from previous generations and the current one.

That is because that’s what we non-professional athletes do best, talk about the sport. Or we think so. But when former or current professional players do it, it becomes news.

And generally, it goes in only one direction in basketball. All the players from previous generations believe it was tougher to play in their era compared to the following.

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Wilt Chamberlain always used to say it to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem must have said it to Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, they both surely said it to Michael Jordan while giving him some proof on the floor. MJ said the same to Kobe Bryant.

And all of them say it to LeBron James and almost every current player all the time. A certain Lakers legend is at it again.

James Worthy critiques current players and their approach, internet penalizes the man

The Lakers’ great from the 80s is one of those who always criticizes how the game is played today and raves about their own era. Maybe there’s a truth to it.

One part of Worthy‘s statement might be true. There are so many one-sided games in this year’s Playoffs because of that very reason, the ever so increasing volume of three-point attempts. It is making the matches less interesting.

This season might cross the all-time record for most wins with 20-point differential in Playoffs, which was set in 2016. The top-3 seasons are all from that year onwards. But the rest of his statement “get tattoos and tweet” is just him not realising that he is crying about what privileges he himself missed out on.

Who believes if tattoos weren’t a taboo in the league at the time, players like him and Magic still wouldn’t have them? They did several horrendous things which are insane compared to getting tattooed and Tweeting all the time.

At least NBA Twitter doesn’t. Fans ripped him apart for his silly take.

All thanks to Allen Iverson for removing the taboo around tattoos. And as far as the part where James says ballers are Tweeting all the time, that’s only because of the lack of internet and no social media in his era, otherwise he’d be a bigger Tweeter than KD and Ja Morant are.

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Akash Murty

Akash Murty


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