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“Jayson and Deuce Tatum suit up into crusaders and save St. Louis!”: Nike’s Air Max advert shows the Boston Celtics father-son duo saving the famous Arch

Jeet Pukhrambam

Jayson Tatum is a St. Louis native, so what happens when his precious Arch is threatened? Find out in this funny Nike Air Max advert. 

Jayson Tatum is a St. Louis native, so what happens when his precious Arch is threatened? Find out in this funny Nike Air Max advert. 

The Boston Celtics are headed to the NBA Finals, courtesy of Jayson Tatum. His hometown of St. Louis could not be prouder! Tatum hails from the suburbs and has climbed the NBA ladder to reach the Finals.

On this road, he beat the likes of Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kevin Durant, and Jimmy Butler. That travesty that he has faced on his way here makes this feat even more special.

So, what happens when his beloved city’s arch is under threat from a supervillain? Yes, you read that right, a meaning super villain?

He teams up with his son Deuce, of course!

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Nike made an amazing advert featuring Jayson and Deuce Tatum as crimefighters!

Superheroes that wear Nike Air Max 97 to fight crime? Jayson Tatum and his son Deuce do exactly that in a Nike advert. The animated short was first promoted via Tatum’s Instagram.

The ad was for a special edition Air Max 97 “Arch” that was designed for Jayson. The advert showcases the shoe and the Tatum father and son in a special way. Very creative we must say.

We hope that Jayson sure channels some of that superhero jump and strength for the upcoming Finals matchup against the Golden State Warriors.

We would, of course, also hope that Deuce shows up to support his dad and lend him some of his superpowers for Jayson will be facing off against the supervillains.

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