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“Jayson Tatum needs to stop b*tching to the refs!”: Jalen Rose calls out Jaylen Brown and Tatum following their antics in Game 3 as Heat go up 2-1 vs the Celtics

Nithin Joseph

Jayson Tatum could make close to $300M by 2029 but there's one condition

Jayson Tatum needs to improve after a dismal Game 3. However, Jalen Rose believes the young star needs to stop moaning first!

The Boston Celtics currently find themselves in the middle of a tough series against the Miami Heat. Three games in and the Celtics, led by Jayson Tatum are down 1-2.

This is in part due to an amazing Heat defense that held down Tatum to a measly 10 points in Game 3. However, what was even more surprising was the number of turnovers Boston gave up.

Giving up a total of 24 turnovers, the Celtics were destined to have a poor game, with Tatum contributing around six of the 24 on the night!

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Truly a terrible night for Tatum and Boston. However, some NBA analysts believe that there are other aspects of his game that Jayson can improve on apart from his abysmal Game 3 turnover rate.

Jalen Rose believes that Jayson Tatum needs to stop moaning and crying to the referees

His turnovers aside, there are a lot of things that Jayson Tatum can improve upon heading into Game 4. He was unable to get to the basket, whether it was driving in or shooting from beyond the arc.

It was just one game and he is sure to improve, but there is another thing that NBA analyst Jalen Rose believes Tatum needs to change.

Rose, who was present in Boston for Game 3 suggested that Tatum needs to stop crying and moaning to the referees looking for calls in his favor!

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Jalen believes that Jayson should learn to play through the physical nature of the game, especially against tough opponents like the Miami Heat.

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