“Jim Jackson is one of the most underrated analysts”: LeBron James gives huge props to the analyst despite his recent take on the Lakers star, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

Advait Jajodia
|Published 29/05/2021

Before his latest take on LeBron James, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, the current Lakers star gave Jim Jackson huge props.

Michael Jordan is considered to be one of the greatest basketball players of all time. His competitive spirit, sheer passion and illustrious resume is a testament to why he is rightfully considered the GOAT.

Several all-time greats have been compared to MJ for the GOAT status. However, only two out of many legendary players have come close to Jordan – Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. Both the influential players are considered to be the best ever to suit up in the purple and gold uniform.

Kobe’s drive to be the best version of himself and his surreal love for mastering his craft is what set him apart from the rest. Whereas, no player is as versatile and highly endurable as LeBron.

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“LeBron isn’t as aggressive as Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant”: Jim Jackson

Like many other analysts and NBA enthusiast, analyst Jim Jackson spoke about the three impactful GOATs. On his appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show”, Jackson compared Bron to the two shooting guards. Jim said:

“I’d say Mike No.1. Just for the sheer fact that Mike, offensively and defensively, the way he attacked in multiple positions where you can put him. And, he was very efficient.”

“Now, LeBron is very efficient, but LeBron won’t be as aggressive offensively. Mike was always like that Kobe was like that.”

“LeBron is so methodical in this thing, the mindset was like Magic [Johnson]. ‘Okay, Imma beat you with this, and if I get it going from here I’m fine.’ Would Mike beat you from the 3-point line back in the day? No, not really.”

Naturally, one would think since Jim ranked Michael Jordan over LeBron, Bron would probably not like this particular take of his. Instead, LBJ took to his Twitter to commend the analyst by calling him one of the “most underrated” analysts. The Lakers superstar wrote:

“FACTS!!!! Super Smart, knows the game and his cadence throughout the game is always on point.”

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It’s not every day that an analyst gets appreciated by a player for giving out their honest opinions. However, Bron didn’t feel any shame in agreeing to the fact that what Jim said wasn’t all wrong. There is no doubt that LeBron James respects Jim Jackson as not only a player but also have respect for him as an analyst. Or, maybe he didn’t know about this take at all.

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