“Brooklyn Nets do NOT need Kyrie Irving to make the NBA Finals”: Jim Jackson and Gilbert Arenas passionately argue Kyrie’s possible role in 2021-22 NBA season

Amulya Shekhar
|Published 14/10/2021

Jim Jackson explains why Kyrie Irving is losing long-term whereas the Nets’ Finals chances aren’t significantly affected by his standoff.

Rarely has a stupider NBA player ever hogged the limelight the way that pseudo-intelligent Kyrie Irving has been. The Jersey-born point guard has been backing a cause that has put him on the same side of history as the Trumps.

The aforementioned fact alone should cause him to hang his head in shame, but something tells me that no one is giving Kyrie this feedback. The man seems to live off of needless drama and pseudoscientific contrarian takes.

At this point, there are few redeeming qualities to Kyrie and his current contract. The Brooklyn Nets have undoubtedly reached the end of their tether, judging from how Ky’s disbarred from team activities.

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However, this doesn’t mean that his Nets teammates are too preoccupied by his antics. James Harden has publicly sent out signals that his sole focus is on the players he’s going to be able to take the court with.

The clock is fast running out for Kyrie to make any sort of meaningful gesture.

“Brooklyn Nets Do NOT Need Kyrie Irving To Make Finals” | Jim Jackson & Gilbert Arenas Debate

Jim Jackson has been doing an excellent job as an announcer for the Clippers over the past year or so. The former NBA journeyman was on the No Chill Podcast with Gilbert Arenas recently.

A viral clip of the duo discussing the Nets’ prospects this postseason is doing the rounds on YouTube. Jim Jackson argues that the Nets are now in a situation where having Kyrie is superfluous to their well-structured roster:

“Last year, out 3900 minutes or so, they (KD, Kyrie, Harden) played 202 minutes together. And still got to the Eastern Conference (Semi)Finals. 202 minutes, and their depth and rebounding wasn’t as good as now.”

“You don’t think management is looking at this and thinking ‘Who’s the most expendable player?’ History tells us that if we have these 2 here with a built-out roster, we still have a viable chance of getting to the Finals.”

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