‘Kevin Durant’s going bald like LeBron James’: Nets star pictured with massive bald spot; fans mock Lakers star too

Amulya Shekhar
|Published 07/11/2020

Kevin Durant is a fan favorite on social media as a ‘target for trolls’. The response he receives for a pic alongside Sekou Doumbouya bears out this notion.

Drafted by the Detroit Pistons in the first round last year, Doumbouya is a young French big man. Many tip him to be the future starter for the French national team after Rudy Gobert’s prime is finished. He will feature more for the Pistons this season after the Andre Drummond trade.

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With his shooting range and pick-and-roll game, Doumbouya is on the way to becoming a unicorn if he works on his craft hard enough. Training with Kevin Durant in the offseason definitely won’t hurt his prospects.

Basketball fans hilariously troll Kevin Durant for his receding hairline on Instagram post

Kevin Durant is as far away from Sekou Doumbouya on the NBA spectrum as possible. A 10-time All Star, 2-time Finals MVP and the 2013-14 regular season MVP, Durant is commonly recognized as the best player in the game other than LeBron James.

His move as a free agent to the Golden State Warriors sparked a ton of hate for him. This has yet to die down, and it has also turned many trolls against him. Looking at his latest Instagram activity only provides further proof of the same.

The Nets star is pictured with a massive bald spot on the crown, which seems to have been developing for quite some time now. Twitterati had a field day, comparing KD’s bald spot to LeBron James’ and how he either needs to embrace it by going bald, or cover it up well with a hair transplant.

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Durant admittedly looks like he’s lost a bit of hair from the center of his head. One wonders what exactly caused this. Durant seems to be growing the rest of his hair for a dreadlocked look.

Shabby hair nonetheless, Durant will be able to give a fitting reply to the haters if he succeeds in making the Finals this year. The cherry on top would be to beat LeBron James a third time at the biggest stage of them all.


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