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Kevin Garnett Can’t Get Enough Of The Rabid Nature Of Knicks Fans

Abhishek Dhariwal

Kevin Garnett Can't Get Enough Of The Rabid Nature Of Knicks Fans

Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce gave some of their most historic performances at the Madison Square Garden during their playing days. And as one might expect, they have also had to hear the fans right in their ears a fair few times as well. Now finally getting to experience the other side, the two Boston Celtics legends could not help but tip their hats to the Knicks’ fanbase.

Though the New York Knicks have finally been eliminated from playoff contention, the two former NBA champions went on to give credit where it was due on the latest episode of KG Certified.

“Yo, I gotta say that the f**king Knicks fans, they’re everywhere are all out of control. The f**king Knicks fans are hilarious. The Knicks fans got the hoop bus going. They got…Who be backing everybody up with the Timbs.”

Garnett then went on to talk about a few key moments where he especially appreciated the fans.

“I told P this, man when the Knicks are crackin’ boy…Boy, they went to Philly and shut Philly down…They was down in Indiana….And the Knicks fans are loud…Shoutout to the New York fans, bro. That’s how you f**king get it. And imma tell you, next year, they got a team, bro.”


Kevin Garnett was always a showstopper during his playing days. Hyping up the crowd, pounding his chest, and getting the fans into the game, KG embraced those loud arenas with open arms as he had, before delivering his absolute best during these moments.

So, for Garnett to see hints and shades of the same level of energy from the fans of New York was something he couldn’t help but applaud. The former Boston man even appreciated how Knicks fans still travel to opposing cities and carry the same energy as they do in home games.

Garnett always loved talking smack during his time in the NBA, whether it be to an opposing player, a coach, or even a fan. So, it only makes sense that the New York fanbase speaks to him, especially considering how brash they can be. Over the years, this affection has even translated into something much deeper.

Kevin Garnett’s love for the Knicks

Every professional sports team’s fanbase has their own way of celebrating the success of their respective club. However, the New York Knicks fans may take the top spot when it comes to going all out.

‘SideTalkNYC’s content is one of the biggest examples of just why the team’s fanbase is just about unbeaten. Often seen cursing at the top of their lungs, fans from here are known to go to the very extremes at a moment’s notice.

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Apart from his love for the New York Knicks fanbase, Kevin Garnett was also hyped over the team’s future, even saying as much on the Stephen A. Smith show.

“Listen man, the Knicks are gonna be a problem next year. I’m just gonna go say this…The Knicks should look very, very good next year. They’re gonna be one of the teams on my list to look out for.”

Forced to deal with season-ending injuries to crucial rotational players, the success the Knicks saw this season was truly commendable. The team made a deep playoff run and could’ve even gone further had their postseason not been derailed by another injury, this time to Jalen Brunson.

New York truly has a chance to build something whose legacy lasts the test of time. So it will be especially interesting to see what the Knicks front office does during this upcoming offseason to build on its current team.

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