“Kevin Garnett, Did You Have to Wear Candace Parker’s Pants Too?”: When TNT Crew Was Left in Tears by a Hilarious Fan Tweet on KG’s Skinny Jeans

Nithin Joseph
|Published 04/12/2022

Kevin Garnett is one of the most iconic players in NBA history. The man was a menace on the court.

Playing at the power forward position, KG had a great career in the league, playing 21 seasons in total. He won an NBA Championship with the Celtics and was even crowned MVP in 2004.

Following his retirement, The Big Ticket has refused to remain silent. He has become a key part of TNT, as the host of the show Area 21. Garnett does a great job, but his fashion sense is often questioned on set.

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The TNT cast and crew were unable to contain their laughter after a fan roasted Kevin Garnett and his skinny jeans

In 2016, Kevin Garnett bid adieu to the NBA. Soon after that, he made the move to television, joining TNT’s Inside the NBA before becoming the host of his own show, Area 21.

KG has been great on TV, but he has also been prone to a fair bit of roasting from his fans and crewmates alike. Take for example one episode when Candace Parker joined Garnett and the rest of the crew. It was a tough episode for KG who was rocking Parker’s jersey, as he was roasted by a fan who claimed his skinny jeans looked like hers as well.

It was a hilarious moment. One that left the cast and the crew in tears, with laughter. Of course, KG wasn’t too happy as he couldn’t stop hitting his ‘cuss button’.

Safe to say, The Big Ticket was furious. But this isn’t the first time his love for skinny jeans has been called out.

Charles Barkley always makes fun of KG and his skinny jeans

Nowadays, Kevin Garnett has become notorious for always wearing skinny jeans. However, some believe they do not suit him. Like Sir Charles Barkley who constantly calls him out for wearing the same.

It certainly isn’t something that sits well with KG. But, he has learned to laugh at it over the years.

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