“We’re Out of the LeBron James Era”: When Kevin Garnett Ranked Stephen Curry Over LBJ, Credited Warriors Star for Changing NBA

Adit Pujari
|Published October 25, 2022

Koven Garnett, who was an enforcer for the Boston Celtics, claimed that LeBron James’ era was overtaken by Stephen Curry.

Stephen Curry demolished any doubts surrounding his legacy last season. His playoff performance was nothing short of magic. The shooting wizard took down some fearsome opponents and won his fourth championship. His brilliance also helped him bag his first-ever Finals MVP.

Through his campaign, Curry has found a surprising supporter in Kevin Garnett. The Boston Celtics legend is convinced of Steph’s greatness. He is mesmerized by his game, by his spirit. And he believes that the Baby-Faced Assassin is solely responsible for usurping LeBron James’ era.

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Stephen Curry is the flag bearer of the three-point era

In an episode of KG Certified, Garnett discussed the current era of basketball and made an astute observation. The Hall of Famer claimed that LeBron James’ era was over. His statement essentially means that LeBron isn’t the best player in the league anymore.

Not MVP or even Finals MVP. Those two awards shouldn’t be seen as the markers of the best player in the league. And Kevin Garnett definitely understands that demarcation.

Instead, KG claimed that it was now the era of Stephen Curry. He took note of how the Warriors superstar had changed the game.

Garnett praised Stephen Curry for his long-range shooting. The way he has changed the game and made the defense acknowledge the threat of long-range shooting. Effectively, Curry stretched the three-point line way too close to the half-court line.

Steph took over a league that was once ruled by athletic big men. So, KG believes that we must give the 6’2″ PG more respect. And he also wants us to understand that with LeBron James’ era ending, there is no doubt about Steph’s legacy.

Will Curry win more titles than LeBron James?

Steph is on a mission. A mission that started last season. With a scoring title behind him, Curry started the 2021-22 season on an 18-2 win streak. The momentum spilled right into the playoffs. Curry carried the Dubs on his shoulders to their 4th rin in 8 years.

This season seems similar. He has already registered three games with 30+ points and he has made at least 4 threes every game.

James Wiseman’s addition to the lineup has also given GSW an added big man. Stephen Curry definitely can realistically win his 5th ring this year. If he does, he will have won more championships than LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal. That would change how the world perceives him.

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