Cover Image for Klay Thompson honors fellow 6’6 athlete and Laker legend Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant at the 2022 ESPYS 

Klay Thompson honors fellow 6’6 athlete and Laker legend Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant at the 2022 ESPYS 

Jeet Pukhrambam
|Thu Jul 21 2022

Klay Thompson won the Best Comeback Athlete award at the ESPYS and he took his time to thank Laker legend Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant. 

Klay Thompson had a season to remember. It was his first full season after being out for two and a half years. The journey was tough and the obstacles seemed never-ending for Thompson.

Setback after setback, it did not look too good for Klay. There were doubts if he could be the same player that he was. But all of the doubts and notions were quelled fairly quickly.

He had a season for the books. Coming off an ACL tear, he took some time to warm up. But it came at the right moment. The Playoffs. We got to see another game 6 performance from him during the WCSF.

He was also instrumental in leading them past the Boston Celtics. He got his hands on a much deserved fourth championship and now for the first time, he gets to take home a personal accolade.

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Klay Thompson pays a poignant tribute to Kobe Bryant and his family

During his acceptance speech, he took his time to pour out a heartfelt tribute to Kobe Bryant. Klay recalls that he used to be a laker fan and how his dad being a commentator helped him grow up idolizing Bryant.

Klay says he used to read Mamba Mentality every day during his rehab. The source of his motivation. Kobe once signed his book and wrote “rings, rings, rings, rings”. Well, Klay got his fourth ring now.

Klay also paid tribute to his daughter Gianna and mentioned that Vanessa and her family were in their thoughts every day. A heartwarming gesture and a wholesome reminder that Kobe left his imprint on everyone.

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