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“They literally said we were dead in the water”: Klay Thompson goes on a rant against the so-called experts and Stephen Curry chimes in

Arjun Julka
|Thu Jul 14 2022

Warriors guard Klay Thompson throws shade at the so-called experts on television, stating you can never trust their opinion or expertise.

Klay Thompson is one happy man, and rightly so, considering how rough the last 3-years have been for the Warriors guard, suffering back-to-back catastrophic injuries. However, the five-time All-Star couldn’t have asked for a better comeback as he clinched his 4th title in 8-years off-late.

Whether it be the locker room celebrations or the parade in the Bay Area, Thompson went wild with his shenanigans, losing his championship cap, dropping one of his three rings, and taking a tumble colliding with a fan. Captain Klay was all over the place with his antics.

While Thompson didn’t have the best numbers as far as his performances are concerned, he did step up when it mattered most. Ultimately winning the chip silenced all those who felt the 32-year-old was not the same two-way guard that he used to be.

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Thus the Warriors All-Star didn’t forget to remind those who doubted the Dubs, taking to Instagram live.

NBA Twitter reacts to Klay Thompson’s rant against the so-called experts.

Well, Thompson has all the right to have the last word, with Golden State silencing everyone who thought they could never win a championship again, especially without Kevin Durant. Post the 2019 Finals, the Dubs were overlooked and how.

Many felt the championship window for the Splash Brother had closed, something the latter never agreed upon, with Stephen Curry warning the league as he exited the 2021 play-in tournament. While no one paid heed, Thompson recently reminded everyone of GSW’s championship DNA.

There is no doubt that Thompson is one of the most competitive athletes and means business on the hardwood. However, there is a fun side to him that he continues to reveal as time passes.

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