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“I Know This Damian Lillard Is Not Gonna Shoot From 35 Feet”: Paul George’s Honest Opinion When Guarding Blazer’s Game-Winner

Trikansh Kher

"I Know This N***a Damian Lillard Is Not Gonna Shoot From 35 Feet": Paul George's Honest Opinion When Guarding Blazer's Game-Winner

The one aspect of any sport that one can neither train nor practice for is ‘clutchness’. Playing in the NBA, you either have the ‘clutch gene’ or you don’t. The one thing that is clear is that Damian Lillard definitely has this. From his iconic series-clinching buzzer-beater against the Houston Rockets in 2014 to his unforgettable deep three-pointer over Paul George in 2019. Over nine seasons, Dame has consistently demonstrated his flair for dramatics on the NBA stage. Whether it’s orchestrating heart-stopping comebacks or unleashing breathtaking shots, Lillard never fails to deliver endless thrills to basketball fans worldwide.

Lillard’s ability to rise to the occasion in critical moments is unparalleled. His clutch performances and game-winning shots have become legendary. They have solidified his reputation as one of the league’s most reliable and fearless players.

Despite Lillard’s heroics, the Portland Trail Blazers have faced challenges in translating their star’s brilliance into substantial success in the highly competitive Western Conference. While Lillard’s brilliance may provide thrilling moments, it has not translated into the team’s ability to consistently compete at the highest level and secure deep playoff runs.

Key to ‘Dame-Time’

2019 saw the Blazers face off against the Oklahoma City Thunder during Game 5 of the playoff series. The game took place at the Moda-Center in Portland, with a charged atmosphere and fans eagerly anticipating a thrilling matchup. Damian Lillard, the heart and soul of the Trail Blazers, rose to the occasion with an awe-inspiring performance. As the game reached its climax, the tension mounted.

With seconds remaining on the clock, Damian Lillard dribbled the ball up the court, eyeing a potential game-winning shot. As the defense closed in, Lillard unleashed an audacious attempt from well beyond the three-point line. Lillard’s shot echoed throughout the league.

The shot, taken with remarkable confidence and precision, found ‘nothing but net’ as the buzzer sounded. Lillard’s game-winning shot sealed the victory for the Trail Blazers, providing a moment of pure ecstasy for the home crowd and etching his name in NBA playoff lore.

However, it was George’s dismissive comments on Podcast P about the game-winner being a ‘bad shot’ that sparked further discussion.

Paul George, underestimating Lillard’s ability said:

I Know This  Damian Lillard Is Not Gonna Shoot From 35 Feet

DeMar DeRozan, another elite player in the league, also had something to say about the shot. Speaking to Paul George in the same podcast, DeRozan said:

“35 feet away from the basket, it’s a tough fu****g shot that only maybe only two people in our league can make that with ease.”

What lies ahead for Damian Lillard and the Blazers

Following Damian Lillard’s iconic game-winning shot in 2019, the Portland Trail Blazers have experienced highs and lows. Having lost the Western Conference to the Warriors, the Blazers were headed towards an all-too-well-known lack of translation of wins.

In the 2020 NBA Bubble, the Blazers showcased their resilience and determination. Led by Lillard’s exceptional performances, they secured a spot in the playoffs. Ultimately falling short, bowing out in five games. In the 21′-22′ season, as well, the Blazers fell short, exiting the playoffs after six hard-fought games.

The 2022 season presented unforeseen challenges for the Blazers. Damian Lillard underwent abdominal surgery. This resulted in him missing a significant portion of the season. Consequently, the team struggled, lacking offensive firepower and consistency.

In the 2023 season, despite Lillard’s continued brilliance on the court, the Blazers fell short of securing a playoff berth. This led to a disappointing campaign that fell short of expectations.

However, fans wait eagerly await when the Trail Blazers can next qualify for the playoffs. Their collective hope is to witness the Blazers’ talent and determination on full display, creating thrilling matchups that captivate basketball enthusiasts worldwide.

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Trikansh Kher

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