“Kobe Bryant achieved more in 2 years than Magic Johnson did in his entire career”: Comparing an shocking statistic between the two Laker legends

Arjun Julka
|Published July 12, 2021

Kobe Bryant defeated 8 teams with 50+ wins in a span between 2008-10. Magic Johnson also achieved the above feat only over his entire career.

The late Kobe Bryant is an all-time great. The Lakers legend was the closest thing to Michael Jordan. During his decorated career, Kobe broke an umpteen no of records that earned him several accolades.

One such record is between the years 2008-10, where the 5x NBA champion defeated 8 teams with 50+ wins. Something Hall of Famer and legend Magic Johnson achieved over the course of his entire career.

Kobe and Magic Johnson are widely regarded as the best two players ever to wear purple and gold. Both the Lakers legends have multiple Finals MVPs and 10 NBA championships among them.

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Though Kobe seems to have edged Magic in an impressive record of having defeated 8 teams with 50+ wins. The Black Mamba achieved this great feat without Shaquille O Neal, with whom he had a 3-peat.

Analyzing Kobe Bryant’s impressive record

Between the years  2008-10, not only did Kobe win his 4th and 5th ring but also had an impressive record that took Magic his entire career to achieve.

Kobe defeated 8 teams with 50+ wins during the playoffs between 2008-1o.

Below are some stats

    • 2007-08: Won 4-0 against Denver Nuggets (50-32) in 1st Round
    • 2007-08: Won 4-2 against Utah Jazz (54-28) in 2nd Round
    • 2007-08: Won 4-1 against San Antonio Spurs (56-26) in WCF
    • 2008-09: Won 4-3 against Houston Rockets (53-29) in 2nd Round
    • 2008-09: Won 4-2 against Denver Nuggets (54-28) in WCF
    • 2009-10: Won 4-2 against Oklahoma City Thunder (50-32) in 1st Round
    • 2009-10: Won 4-0 against Utah Jazz (53-29) in 2nd Round
    • 2009-10: Won 4-2 against Phoenix Suns (54-28) in WCF

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Magic took 13 seasons to replicate what Kobe did in 2-years

      • 1979-1980: Won 4-1 against Phoenix Suns (55-27) in Semifinals
      • 1979-1980: Won 4-1 against Seattle Supersonics (56-26) in WCF
      • 1982-1983: won 4-2 against San Antonio Spurs (53-29) in WCF
      • 1984-1985: Won 4-1 against Denver Nuggets (52-30) in WCF
      • 1987-1988: Won 4-3 against Dallas Mavericks (53-29) in WCF
      • 1988-1989: Won 4-0 against Phoenix Suns (55-27) in WCF
      • 1990-1991: Won 3-0 against Houston Rockets (52-30) in First Round
      • 1990-1991: Won 4-2 against Portland Trail Blazers (63-19) in WCF

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An interesting observation here was that unlike today the West was a weaker conference when compared to the East in the 8os.

The Sixers, Celtics, and the Pistons dominated the NBA, having 50+ wins during the regular season. However, Kobe had a much tougher path with the likes of the Denver Nuggets and OKC.

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