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Kobe Bryant lost $800 to HBO’s Entourage stars in an absurd bet  

Jeet Pukhrambam
|Wed Aug 10 2022

Stars of HBO’s Entourage recall a memory with Kobe Bryant and it is another reflection of the 5x NBA champion’s competitive nature. 

Kobe Bryant was never the kind of person to shy away from a challenge. He would always compete, no matter the circumstance, no matter the odds. And when he lost, he was never a salty loser.

So, when the black mamba passed away, the world ached and hurt. We had lost a person who exemplified doing their best and naturally, people from all industries started sharing their stories of Kobe.

As someone who was in and around Los Angeles, his influence in the world of TV shows and movies was apparent. Bryant’s name was hallowed and everyone who knew him spoke dearly.

He also appeared in a lot of movies and TV shows. However, one show that he didn’t appear in, was HBO’s Entourage. The TV show focused on the rich and glam lifestyle of LA’s finest and yet didn’t include one of its golden boys.

Despite that, there was an instance, where the cast shot a scene with the 5x champion and the story is as Kobe as it gets.

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Jerry Ferrera from HBO’s Entourage recounts a tale of Kobe Bryant being at his competitive best

What happens when you are trying to shoot a scene with Kobe Bryant and you’re on a basketball court? Of course, it would turn into a friendly competition.

So, in 2005, when the cast and crew of Entourage shot an episode at the Staples Center, Bryant was part of the shoot.

As the story goes, Jerry Ferrara and Kevin Connolly were shooting the show’s first scene at the Lakers facility and when the shooting wrapped, Bryant strolled to the court, with his right leg in a boot.

Turns out, he had sprained his ankle in a game against the Cavaliers. He walked to Kevin and Jerry, and bet them $100 for every shot he made, one-legged and left-handed.

His first shot rimmed out, and typical Kobe, he doubled down. He missed the second shot too! But the two actors were awe-struck by the Lakers superstar’s presence and forgot all about the bet.

A few minutes later as they were watching the game, Connolly recounts “About 5/6 minutes left in the second quarter a dude shows up and taps us on the shoulder and says ‘From Kobe,'”  “8 100 dollar bills. Chills.” A man that honors his bet.

Entourage never used a cameo with the Lakers legend!

Later Jeremy Piven, the show’s star revealed that they had a cameo with Bryant that never made it to the screens. What a pity.

Stories like this remind us of Bryant’s character and why he was loved and cherished by everyone. Stay tuned to this space for more stories on Kobe Bryant from our vault.

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