Cover Image for Kobe Bryant potentially built his $600 million fortune with ADHD, as autopsy report revealed narcolepsy drug

Kobe Bryant potentially built his $600 million fortune with ADHD, as autopsy report revealed narcolepsy drug

Ashish Priyadarshi
|Mon Aug 08 2022

Kobe Bryant played a long and successful career in the NBA, but as per his autopsy report, he may have been battling ADHD.

Kobe’s legacy was built up by everything he achieved in his career, his five rings, Finals MVPs, scoring titles, and more, but a major part of his also the fact that he spent his entire career with the Lakers.

In an era defined by player autonomy and the right to take your brand anywhere, Kobe chose to stay put. He stayed put even when the Lakers were rebuilding and had no superstars to surround him with when he easily could have been playing along a superstar or two had he wanted.

He made the Lakers must see TV even when they weren’t. 20 seasons. That’s how long Kobe was a Laker. Countless memories were made. Everything from pure elation to absolute heartbreak included. That’s who Kobe was for LA. All his efforts resulted in a lot of money as well, as at the time of his death, Kobe Bryant had a net worth of $600 million.

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Kobe Bryant might have had ADHD during his playing days

The Lakers legend tragically passed away in 2020 along with his daughter Gigi Bryant after a helicopter crash. It was an extremely sad moment for the NBA community, given how impactful Kobe was.

While the NBA world mourned, Kobe’s post-death autopsy report revealed something very interesting. As per a drug report, Kobe Bryant had methylphenidate in his system. That may not seem very noteworthy, but the drug is commonly used to treat deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy.

The findings created a lot of speculation on the internet.

The Lakers legend may have been taking it to treat ADHD, but we’ll never know for sure. Of course, it’s nothing to pry about, but if Kobe really did have ADHD, it further shows just how hard he had to work on the court. Not only was he pushing his body to the limit everyday, but he could have also been dealing with a life altering condition.

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