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“Kwame Brown was a victim of Michael Jordan’s abuse”: Jason Whitlock calls out the ‘GOAT’ for spreading the narrative that the former Wizard was a bust

Samir Mehdi

“Kwame Brown was a victim of Michael Jordan’s abuse”: Jason Whitlock calls out the ‘GOAT’ for spreading the narrative that the former Wizard was a bust

Jason Whitlock claims that Michael Jordan was petty towards Kwame Brown while also victimizing him by spreading rumors of him being a bust. 

Kwame Brown was nothing but an afterthought in most basketball fans’ minds for the last decade and a half or so. The former no. 1 overall started off his career with Michael Jordan by his side after the Washington Wizards had drafted him in 2001. Funnily enough, Jordan himself had chosen Brown after the high schooler dominated 1-on-1 drills during workouts. 

This choice would define Mike’s career as the President of Basketball Operations for the Wizards as everyone now knows that the Kwame Brown selection wasn’t all too smart on his part. For all the redemption Brown has been able to seek out this past year, it does not take away from the fact that he simply was not ready to be a productive basketball player, let alone a number 1 overall pick.

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As it is heavily concentrated upon in several documentaries: Michael Jordan was not fond of mediocrity. Seeing a 19-year-old Kwame Brown not put in the same effort guys like Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant did as they came straight out of high school irked Jordan to a certain extent. 

Jason Whitlock says Kwame Brown was a victim of Michael Jordan’s abuse on the Wizards. 

Michael Jordan and his ultra-competitiveness are the stuff of legend. So, it’s no surprise that he would not be looking to ‘waste’ the twilight of his career trying to develop a kid who showed signs of nonchalance and ‘bust-like behavior’ on the court.

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“The greatest player in NBA history sabotaged the first two years of Kwame’s career and spread the narrative that Kwame was a bust. Kwame was a victim of Jordan’s petty, abusive nature, Brown was never able to escape the narrative set by the most powerful man in basketball. He had to carry that for 20 years.” 

It is quite unfortunate that Kwame Brown was never given a proper opportunity to prove himself without the weight of the entire basketball world’s expectations riding on his shoulders. Perhaps if Michael Jordan weren’t so ‘up and down’ in his relationship with Brown, the latter could’ve become what the Wizards star thought of him to be.

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Samir Mehdi

Samir Mehdi


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