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Kyle Kuzma Makes a Bold Fashion Statement with a $100,000 Worth Limited Edition Purple Watch

Prateek Singh

Kyle Kuzma Makes a Bold Fashion Statement with a $100,000 Worth Limited Edition Purple Watch

NBA stars have slowly evolved into the new fashion icons of the country over the years. Throughout the season fans get to see the stars bring their fashion A-game when they turn their tunnel walk into a runway. Luxury watches have been one of the biggest style statements for NBA stars over the years and recently Kyle Kuzma flaunted his accessory game with a De Bethune ‘Purple Rain’.

De Bethune is an independent Swiss watch manufacturer with an incredible reputation in the collector’s community. After all, David Zanetta, the founder of the company was an avid collector and a watch enthusiast, and his timepieces are made for like-minded individuals. For them to work with Kuzma, who boasts an impressive watch collection himself, was likely a no-brainer. The 28-year-old posted images of the new ‘Purple Rain’ timepiece on his Instagram.


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According to Insane Luxury on Instagram, the limited collection ‘De Bethune DB28 XS ‘Purple Rain’ is an art piece made of polished purple titanium. As per the post, it “features a Guilloché purple titanium dial with a purple hours and minutes ring.” The finishing touches on the watch include a starry sky pattern with white gold stars that give it a unique look. The retail price for the Purple Rain is said to be a whopping $100,000.00.

It’s truly a collector’s dream. And even though some comments suggest that it’s a bit overpriced, the reputation of De Bethune at auctions will likely ensure that no one would ever regret buying it.

Kyle Kuzma’s watch collection


Kuzma unveiled his watch collection for a video with Bezel for their YouTube channel eight months ago. His collection includes a Patek Philippe Nautilus Rose Gold/Brown, an F.P. Journe Elegante 48MM Titalyt, a Rolex Ceramic “Panda” Daytona, a Vacheron Constantin Overseas Tourbillon Rose Gold/Blue, a Patek Philippe Aquanaut Rose Gold Flyback Chronograph, a Patek Philippe Nautilus “Tiffany & Co.” among several others.

Kuzma said that the Patek Philippe Nautilus Rose Gold/Brown is his favorite watch, and it is “everything” to him simply because that’s the first watch he ever bought. Some of the watches in his collection like the F.P. Journe are, according to Kuzma, very rare and incredibly hard to get.

For the Wizards star, collecting watches is a result of his passion. However, the Patek Philippe Calatrava Skeleton Rose Gold in his collection has a different story. The Wizards’ star is a big fan of Jay-Z, and he has seen the hip-hop mogul rock this timepiece. The only reason he bought the watch was because it felt like a dream come true for him as he got to accessorize like his idol.

While some see it as just an act of overpowering fandom, there is a chance that Kuzma now adores the watch on a deeper level, now that he is this one in his collection. And given the feeling it brought him, the player is highly unlikely to stop growing his collection anytime soon,

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