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‘Kyrie Irving, I want a boxing match for $100k’: Kevin O’Connor slams Maxisnicee for being an ‘immature prick’ in sage-burning video

Amulya Shekhar

'Kyrie Irving, I want a boxing match for $100k': Kevin O'Connor slams Maxisnicee for being an 'immature prick' in sage-burning video

Kevin O’Connor chastized Maxisnicee for challenging Kyrie Irving to a boxing match after the Nets star called him ‘ignorant’ for mocking native American customs.

In this day and age, being offended and being offensive are two of the biggest trends on the Internet. Certain situations often demand nuance when you’re trying to interpret them. That nuance is often missing when you’re in the heat of the moment, especially while you are the subject.

Maxisnicee is a YouTuber who embroiled himself in a needless controversy. Or maybe he realized that he was whipping up a following by being insolent to Kyrie Irving. Either way, he posted a video mocking Kyrie for burning sage at the TD Garden in December.

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Kyrie didn’t like the way his native American customs were being mocked. He called Max ignorant, and asked him not to disrespect his culture. Now, if you know anything about comedians, one thing you know for sure is that they don’t like being told what they can or can’t do.

Max doubled down on his video, which wasn’t very funny but incited a chuckle out of me. The manner he did it, however, was quite regrettable.

Kevin O’Connor chastizes Maxisnicee for challenging Kyrie Irving to a fight

The whole saga got Max a ton of backlash. One of those who called him immature and a prick was The Ringer writer Kevin O’Connor. KOC wrote that:

“Someday, hopefully, you’ll look back at this statement and think, “Wow. What an immature prick I was.” It’s best to learn that lesson now, apologize for how you handled it, and grow as a person. Your future actions will show if an apology was genuine or not. Be good to people.”

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With all said and done, neither Kevin O’Connor, nor Maxisnicee or Kyrie Irving walked away from this interaction intact.

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