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LeBron James and his ‘More Than a Vote’ organisation urges black people to vote

Tanishk Thilakan
|Mon Aug 17 2020

LeBron James and his ‘More Than a Vote’ organisation released an open letter to give guidelines to the black community on voting rights as the country prepares to vote in the upcoming elections.

LeBron James, who co-founded the ‘More Than a Vote’ organisation has released an open letter which emphasizes on the importance of voting power, suppression of black community and the ways in which the new organization will help them.

When George Floyd was killed under police custody earlier this year, America turned volatile amidst the pandemic. NBA superstars joined in the protest as the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement kicked on. However, LeBron went a step ahead to co-found a non-profit organisation aimed to provide black communities the guidelines and help to vote.

LeBron James releases ‘More Than a Vote’ organisation’s first open letter

LeBron James and his business partner Maverick Carter founded the ‘More Than a Vote’ organisation and were joined in by a long list of black athletes and artists. The coalition includes Kevin Hart, Patrick Mahomes, Mike Evans, Damian Lillard among others.

Now, the superstar has released a statement before he embarks on yet another playoffs journey. The letter mentions the means and guidelines to vote for the black communities. The organisation has partnered with various organisations who also work on the same goal.

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During the playoffs LeBron generally takes a hiatus from social media in order to be completely locked into ‘playoff mode’. However, this time he is making an exception due to the racial tensions in the country and will be available via all his social media handles.

The Lakers superstar is the most followed American on social media platforms. LeBron has been pretty vocal about the systematic racism in the country as the Kid from Akron experienced several moments himself during his younger days.

LeBron James and his Lakers will begin their playoff campaign against the Portland Trail Blazers who are led by the red-hot Damian Lillard and ably supported by CJ McCollum and a rejuvenated Carmelo Anthony. LeBron is yet to dominate a game inside the bubble and has had a dismal shooting record in the seven games he has played so far.

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