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“LeBron James can get back to 100%”: Dr Sutterer explains why the Lakers star’s fears about his ankle sprain could be misplaced

Tonoy Sengupta
|Sun May 02 2021

Popular Doctor and YouTuber reacts to LeBron James’ recent comments in reference to his ankle injury

LeBron James is hands down the best player that this current generation has had the pleasure of witnessing. If there was a time when he wasn’t a top-5 player in the league after his rookie season, it is tough to remember. And the longevity of his career, at the quality it has persisted, is a testament to the Chosen One’s greatness.

As time has passed, James has of course had to adapt his style of play a bit, but this doesn’t mean his athleticism has waned. No, it almost seems like the superstar has found a weapon to even defeat father time.

However, it appears LeBron James doesn’t believe in this illusion at all. And after recovering from a recently suffered high-ankle sprain, he told the world that he will never be at a 100% again.

While some have somberly accepted those words, many have questioned the validity of that statement. And it appears that Brian Sutterer can’t agree more with this group of the NBA community.

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“LeBron James didn’t suffer something like an Achilles rupture, or an ACL tear”: Brian Sutterer

Brian Sutterer is very well reputed in the sports world, despite not analyzing any specific games of any sport. This is because the Medically trained professional has found a very interesting niche for himself on YouTube.

Sutterer produces videos that go in-depth and explain athletes’ injuries in detail. And given that he is stupendous at what he does, the NBA community has some serious respect for him.

A month ago, the YouTuber had published a video explaining LeBron James’s injury when the 36-year-old first went down. And while he did define it as a serious and rare one, he never suggested it would be a travesty of any sort.

So, when LeBron James recently said that he would never get back to a 100%, he was a bit shocked. In a recent video reacting to those comments, Brian he had this to say.

“There is no logical reason for me to think that LeBron has this mindset that he is never going to get back to a 100% in terms of healing from this injury. Yeah, high-ankle sprains are more severe than low ankle sprains… but this isn’t something like an Achilles rupture or an ACL tear or a major surgery that has drastically altered his body.”

Sutterer continued on the topic.

“There is nothing about this injury that made me think ‘Yeah, there is a decent chance it wont 100% heal.’”

The YouTuber further went on to explain the trends behind the ability of different players with regards to age. Comparing that to LeBron James, he assured viewers that the player will likely get back to full capacity.

And whether or not James knows this, hearing it will undoubtedly put countless NBA fans at ease.

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