“LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, and Deron Williams would have burgers at a gas station, as their pre-game meal and then go and win gold for Team USA in 2008”: Chris Bosh was NBA’s first unofficial Vlogger

Arun Sharma
|Published 21/10/2021

Imagine walking into a gas station to pay for your gas, and you see NBA superstars casually eating lunch and vlogging.

That’s exactly what happened in this clip posted by Chris Bosh as a throwback. The 2008 Olympics team was a team out on a mission on the court, for they had faced a humiliating loss on their hold of the gold medal – they ended up third. However, this small clip shows that people could still have a little bit of fun while heading out for redemption. Deron Williams, Chris Paul a young athletic freak of nature Dwight Howard and a juggernaut in LeBron James – it was nice knowing they could share a few laughs like this.

The quality of the video is also suspiciously crisp for a video cam from 2008, did some digital retouching there Chris? It also seems insane that people could just walk around with no masks and not a care in the world. I guess that’s what a year and a half of staying at home does to you- distorts your sense of what is real. The 2008 Gold winning team was a star-studded roster – the cool nonchalance so evident from this clip.

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Chris Bosh was the first NBA vlogger – We won’t have it otherwise

I love how simple the video is, and also how simple times were – You could see just 5 guys chilling, spending some time eating some good ol’ American Burgers, waiting patiently to go get their Gold Medal in China. Plus it genuinely makes me feel astonished that none of the people around them are freaking out! 5 Hall of Famers in a random gas station and there is absolutely no commotion to get pictures and autographs with them.

To the bystanders, they might as well be 5 really tall guys enjoying some burgers! Chris was able to capture this moment so aptly, the simplicity of the video, and the players back then. Millionaires, yet eating Wendy’s like the commoners.

Some guy in the comments rightly pointed out that this scene reminded him of the Avengers sitting around a table eating Shawarma. While the scene described is after the hard-fought battle, the little clip here was more like a premonition – “first we get some grub, then we get the dub”. Also, some Slimm Jiimmss, ain’t that right Chris Paul?

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