“Lebron James got Savannah James a $300,000 engagement ring!”: How The King spent a handsome sum on a ring for his high school sweetheart

Achyuth Jayagopal
|Published May 15, 2022

LeBron James and his high-school sweetheart Savannah James have been together for decades. It is natural he would splurge on her.

LeBron is known for his freakish athleticism and his complete skill set and is considered a prototype modern wing. His success on the court began the moment he took to the NBA and he is going strong even at age 37.

LeBron James was drafted straight out of high school and had been touted for superstardom from a tender age. It is fair to say that he has overcome all expectations and will unanimously be considered a top 5 player of all time.

With on-court success, naturally comes financial gains. LeBron James has stacked up over $400 million in mere career earnings for his on-court performances. James is also known for his savvy investments and is often referred to as a sensible spender.

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However, there are some instances where LeBron does not hesitate to splurge, one of them being expenses for his family. An ultimate family man, LeBron is known for his familial commitments. Despite being a star of this caliber, he’s never been linked to any controversy involving his family.

How did LeBron spend on his engagement ring?

LeBron James has been linked with one woman and one woman only. His high school sweetheart Savannah James has been ever-present in his life and has been a strong influence throughout.

And on the occasion of their engagement, no one was going to stop LeBron from making a grand gesture. The King spent a whopping $300K on his engagement ring for Savannah.

They say investment in one’s family is the best type of investment. And in a clear indictment of the same, the marriage symbolized by a ring worth $300k has stood the test of time. Savannah and LeBron have been a symbol of unity for years and James’ grand gesture was by no means just a display of clout.

The James family now awaits the drafting of their two sons to the NBA. The possibility of two of the James clan sharing the court together is not outwardly. A model family if there ever was one amongst celebrities, may the James clan continue to blossom together.

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