“LeBron James has reinvented his game much like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant”: Paul Pierce compliments Lakers superstar for a crazy postup fadeaway jumper in loss to Jayson Tatum and co

Arun Sharma
|Published November 20, 2021

LeBron James has been taking a lot more jump shots in the recent seasons – Paul Pierce approves of this development.

Paul Pierce, while on the mic at the Celtics-Lakers game noted that LeBron James over the years has adapted himself to the game and finds new ways to stay effective on a team. That is what is most required to win basketball games.

James, on his return to the starting line-up had a pretty good run in, scoring 23  points, and 6 rebounds. They did lose by a landslide, but the King’s presence on the court means good news for the Lakers fans.

Everybody who’s watched LeBron James knows what an athletic freak he is. His game during his younger days did involve him driving to the rim with raw power. But as time went by, and he got older, he started taking a lot more jump shots, and he’s gotten quite good at it.

He’s also been playing a lot between a PG and and a forward, switching with ease. The Truth also added that Bron has changed his game just like other greats in the league like MJ and Kobe, to stay at the top.

Ever since Steph Curry entered the league, we’ve seen an exponential shift of the game towards the 3pt line. His influence on the game is so much, that people who haven’t adapted to the more jump-shot-centric game now have been left behind. Ben Simmons is one such example.

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LeBron James has always been a student of the game – reinventing himself to the surroundings and requirements 

LeBron James over his career has donned many caps. The athletic monster, the elite playmaker, and now the sharpshooter. King James has always been the best player on any team he’s played, and his ever-changing game is the reason why. He’s even got the nickname LogoBron, since he makes a lot of threes from distance now too.

LeBron in LA has been a mix of all roles he’s had in the past: mainly because the teams built around him have been centered around him. Even in Year 19, he’s ever-dependable and gunning for the best possible finish. This year is no different, although they’ve had a rough start. Currently at under .500, James and co. need to pull their socks up.

The man has been injured for long stretches for the first time in his career at LA, which has made him rethink his game. He knows he cannot rely on his explosiveness alone if he wants to stay in the league. He now relies on his strength and ability to score off the dribble, something he has become very effective at.

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The NBA will definitely be a different scene once he retires. One can only hope he plays at the highest level a few more seasons so that he gets to play with his son.

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