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‘LeBron James’ trainer is the GOAT’: Rajon Rondo credits Lakers NBA Title to James’s trainer Mike Mancias

Samir Mehdi
|Wed Oct 14 2020

Rajon Rondo says that LeBron James’s fitness and basketball trainer is a big reason as to why James is still so dominant.

The narrative that LeBron James is ‘washed’ that plays out before the start of every season in recent memory can effectively be chucked out the metaphorical window.

The Lakers star has led the Los Angeles Lakers to the franchise’s 17th title win and James’s very own 4th title; mind you, in his 17th year in the league.

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LeBron James has cemented himself as one of the faces on the Mount Rushmore of NBA greats but has also proven that he is perhaps the most dominant sports player in not just basketball,  but any North American sport.

So following the Lakers title win, Rajon Rondo had a special person in mind to thank.

LeBron James’s trainer is the reason as to why James is so good

Rajon Rondo has recently raved about playing with James and how he has always wanted to team up with the Lakers star ever since the 2017 NBA Finals.

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Now, Rondo sheds some more light on what makes LeBron so dominant. In his recent sit down interview with ESPN’s First Take, Rondo said, “Mike Mancias (LeBron James’s trainer) is the greatest trainer of all time. He’s the GOAT.”

This is high praise coming from the Lakers point guard as he has seen his fair share of excellent trainers, going from one premier team in the league to the next.

James and Mancias’s relationship

Mike Mancias has known the 4x champion since his 1st year in the league back in 2003.

James and Mancias have grown closer in the near 2 decades they have known each other as Mike is still with James’s team and helps him prepare for each season.

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