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“LeBron James will be facing Bronny James’ teammates”: How Lakers superstar is scheduled to go up against Sierra Canyon High School products in 2021-22

Amulya Shekhar

"LeBron James will be facing Bronny James' teammates": How Lakers superstar is scheduled to go up against Sierra Canyon High School products in 2021-22

Bronny James was a teammate of 2 NBA players drafted yesterday – Brandon Boston and Ziaire Williams. LeBron James will face them this year.

There’s little doubt that the Lakers are going to be gunning for a championship as long as LeBron is active. The man himself looks like he could defeat Father Time if he could help it, judging from his still-monstrous frame.

LeBron was hindered by a high ankle sprain after 2/3rds of the 2020-21 NBA season. He tried to soldier on at the end of the regular season and into their playoff run. But he couldn’t overexert himself as the Lakers succumbed to injury troubles in their title defense.

With the championship now in Milwaukee, the LA Lakers face an uphill battle to reclaim it next year. They will have to play through a field that will be progressively tougher than the teams they faced/dodged in 2021.

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However, LeBron James will be up for the challenge, judging from the power moves he’s made in the offseason. Recruiting Russell Westbrook to the Lakers in his 14th professional season could end up being a masterstroke by King James.

Westbrook is certain to bring some extra fanfare and colors to the Lakers. He’ll also assist LeBron James when the 36-year-old goes up against Bronny’s old high school teammates.

LeBron James will face Brandon Boston and Ziaire Williams – former Bronny James teammates

Sierra Canyon High School alumni got 2 great gifts to enjoy in the 2021 NBA draft. After all, 2 of their former varsity players are now going to play in the NBA starting this year.

Brandon Boston was acquired by the LA Clippers after he went 51st in this year’s official draft class. Ziaire Williams, meanwhile, was taken in the lottery – 10th place – by the Memphis Grizzlies.

Boston and Ziaire were seniors in high school in Bronny’s freshman year with Sierra Canyon. While Ziaire will be expected to be a contributor to the Grizzlies straight away, Boston will be given less playing time unless he proves himself.

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It would be an intriguing moment for James when he does go up against Boston and Williams. Time really does fly by so fast for sports stars.

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