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Less Than A Day After Trae Young Teased Spurs Fans, Victor Wembanyama’s ‘Intrigue’ To Play With The Hawks PG Has Been Revealed

Abhishek Dhariwal

Less Than A Day After Trae Young Teased Spurs Fans, Victor Wembanyama's 'Intrigue' To Play With The Hawks PG Has Been Revealed

The league is still weeks away from the new offseason, yet there already have been trade rumors and new lineups being discussed among fans. One of the most fascinating moves that NBA circles have been chirping about is the Trae Young-Victor Wembanyama pair-up. But going from rumors to actual ‘intrigue’, the Spurs rookie’s latest statement on the potential link-up has been revealed.

The 2023-24 NBA season saw fans come up with potential players who could be paired with Victor Wembanyama in a San Antonio Spurs jersey. And out of the many potential stars that the Spurs could land, Trae Young was among the top prospects on that list.

On the account of Mother’s Day, Trae Young posted an old picture where he could be seen donning a Spurs jersey. And that was enough to give Spurs fans a ray of hope over his preference to come to San Antonio.

Now, only a day after Young’s Mother’s Day post ended up inadvertently teasing fans in San Antonio, ESPN’s Tim McMahon revealed Victor Wembanyama’s mindset on potentially sharing the court with the Atlanta Hawks star.

“I have talked to people who know Wemby who’s indicated he’s at least ‘intrigued’ by [pairing with Trae]. ‘Intrigued’ and ‘pounding the table’ are two very different things. I have no idea whether Pop would be intrigued.”

Victor Wembanyama’s intrigue is completely justified, but it is a decision that will come down to the Spurs head coach, Gregg Popovich. The Spurs are known to draft and create stars from scratch, something that has been the norm since the Tim Duncan-David Robinson days.

The last time San Antonio traded for a star was back during the 2015-16 season, for All-Star forward, LaMarcus Aldridge. As good as that move seemed on paper, it just did not work out for the Spurs.

So, despite Wembanyama showing some interest in a potential team up, it will be Coach Pop making that decision to pursue Trae Young in the upcoming offseason.

What can be done to pair Trae with Victor Wembanyama

The San Antonio Spurs know what they will be in the market for. Locked in at the center, power forward, and shooting guard position, the team will be looking for a talented point guard to help their rookie sensation while teaching the ropes to a young point as well.

According to Marc Stein, the Spurs will be looking to add a veteran point guard that will not only help Wemby and the team run the offense to perfection but also guide young guards along the way.

The San Antonio Spurs have also landed two first-round selections in the top 10 picks in the upcoming 2024-25 NBA draft. So, the team can either choose to draft a young rookie point guard or probably trade away one of their picks and a few players for a veteran at point, for example: Chris Paul.

At the same time, this potential link-up between Trae Young and Victor Wembanyama also depends on the Atlanta Hawks and whether they want to let go of their All-Star point guard. The Hawks managed to land the number one pick in the upcoming draft, so the team could either let go of Young, based on that pick. Or the team could double down and bolster their roster with this first overall pick, Trae Young, and Dejounte Murray.

But if there is something that could happen between these two teams, it most certainly won’t be before draft night.

Post Edited By:Sameen Nawathe

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