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Trae Young’s ‘Spurs Themed’ Mother’s Day Wish Has NBA Fans In A Tailspin Over Victor Wembanyama’s Potential New PG

Sourav Bose

Trae Young's 'Spurs Themed' Mother's Day Wish Has NBA Fans In A Tailspin Over Victor Wembanyama's Potential New PG

While the entire world was busy celebrating Mother’s Day, a storm of speculation surrounded the NBA. The recent endeavors of Trae Young to cherish the memorable occasion seemed to have clouded his future in the league. Over time, several identified this as his inclination toward joining the San Antonio Spurs as the new point guard to Victor Wembanyama.

A recent Instagram story from Young created this buzz around the NBA. He publicly shared a childhood picture of himself standing by his mother to celebrate the occasion. In the image, the 25-year-old was presumably wearing an older edition of the Spurs jersey, garnering the fans’ attention.

A Spurs fan account, Spurs Culture, pointed out precisely that on X (formerly Twitter). They shared a screenshot of the story, with the caption, Trae Young’s IG story…Peep that jersey“.

This resulted in speculations amongst the viewers surrounding his future with the Atlanta Hawks. Several pointed out how it was a direct display of Young’s interest in representing the Spurs in the future. One of those supporters even wrote, “All the pictures of him and his mom and he chooses the one of him in a Spurs jersey he aint slick”.

Another extended on a similar narrative, claiming, “Yessir he’s a Spur”.

One supporter uploaded a GIF of the Spurs legends, Tim Duncan and Tony Parker first bumping each other to showcase his excitement.

Amidst excitement from the fans, the franchise reportedly remains in no rush to sign Young at this stage. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski pointed it out recently, stating, “The Spurs want to find their PG of the future to pair with Wembanyama, but they don’t have to do it all at once. They’ve got potentially two lottery picks in this draft and potentially four in a 2025 class that’s loaded”.

Thus, as things stand, they may take their time, probably at least two more seasons, before making a move for Young. After all, the franchise’s culture remains dependent on drafting high-potential talents and turning them into superstars. They have rarely looked elsewhere to strengthen their roster, displaying immense trust in their programs.

That said, an immediate inclusion of Young to the team could provide them with much-needed experience to run the backcourt. Additionally, the 3x All-Star was one of the only two players in this regular season to average at least 20 points and 10 assists per game. So, the interest from the fanbase remains justified, putting pressure on the franchise’s shoulders.

Will the San Antonio Spurs make a move for Trae Young?

At the moment, the Spurs hold the upper hand in a potential negotiation with the Hawks. From this point forward, they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Forbes’ Evan Sidery hinted at that with his recent post on X, stating the following:

“Armed with two lottery picks (Nos. 4 + 8), plus control of Atlanta’s drafts 2025-2027, San Antonio presents them a real opportunity to reset. Young to San Antonio with Atlanta securing three lottery selections and control of their own picks again could be a major win-win for both organizations”.

However, this scenario could change soon, with the Hawks holding the opportunity to draft the first pick of the 2025 draft. This holds the potential to drive the future of the franchise to any of the extremes, turning them into an interesting proposition in the NBA. So, if things turn out well for the organization beyond this season, Young may even change his mind to stay in Atlanta.

Although, this remains quite unlikely to happen at this stage. This adds further volume to the ongoing speculation, marking an exciting initiation of the off-season.

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Sourav Bose

Sourav Bose


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